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64: Glasgow World Cup & NCAA 2014 Previews

Medalists from the 2013 Glasgow World Cup. L-R Daniel Purvis (GBR), Elizabeth Price (USA), Larisa Iordache (ROU), Oleg Verniaiev (UKR), Vanessa Ferrari (ITL), Andrey Likhovitskiy (BLR).
Medalists from the 2013 Glasgow World Cup. L-R Daniel Purvis (GBR), Elizabeth Price (USA), Larisa Iordache (ROU), Oleg Verniaiev (UKR), Vanessa Ferrari (ITL), Andrey Likhovitskiy (BLR).


In the News
It’s an all news episode to start the week off. In the news, Uncle Tim and Jess chat about:

  • The Glasgow World Cup: Popa dazzles, equipment fails, the after party and Ilordache on top even after a fall on her full!
  • Espoir Championships – Watching the GB juniors dancing their booties off!
  • Reviews of the NCAA intrasquad preview: Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Michigan, Utah and UCLA. The choreography tragedies, skill trends and Kathy-Johnson inducing moments.
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We cover all the latest news stories from around the gymternet:

    • Follow up questions about Shawn Johnson’s ACL sprain vs a full tear
    • Feedback from newly crowned Hero of the Gymternet, Dr. Larry Nassar
    • Afanasyeva’s ankle surgery
    • A Kalon Ludvingston update
    • Leotard injury!  A listener had one!

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Related Videos

This week’s video playlist. Watch as you listen!

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This Week's Interview

On Friday, we are bringing you an all interview show with Temple University men’s coach Fred Turoff, NCAA recruiting expert, Jill Hicks and NCAA Judge Dean Ratliff. We will discuss:

  • How to save men’s gymnastics at Philadelphia’s Temple University
  • What coaches are saying about the scourge that is early recruiting
  • Gym Myth Busters, true or false:
    • In the 1970s a gymnast streaked a meet?
    • A judge can take vulgarity deductions.
    • It is not against the rules to compete in full face paint with a mohawk.

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Cordelia Price
Cordelia Price
10 years ago

In Great Britain juniors (ages 12-15 in US) are divided into Juniors (14-15) and Espoir (12-13) so Catherine Lyons (age 13) and Bailey Key (age 14) would not compete against each other. Juniors essentially follow FIG code of points. Differences from Sr Elite for Espoir include but not limited to: elements E or higher all get .5 difficulty value except for dismounts where difficulty C or higher all all worth .5. Must do 2 vaults for event finals but can be from same family. Graduated deductions for not hitting 180 degrees for leaps instead of 0 credit if 180 degrees not hit. Rules for juniors and espoirs found here:

10 years ago

You should tweet the bar routine suggestions to Larisa. She loves getting info from fans on twitter!

10 years ago

The whole SCAM cup thing though… The only thing that sort of irks me is that a lot of times the US uses their best gymnasts for ‘their’ world cup (Wieber, Raisman), and then send a ‘lesser’ gymnast to the world cups overseas (Price in this case, I mean not that she isn’t good but you know what I mean). I’m kinda just like… use the same gymnast for the entire series?? I mean know there’s no rules for that but I personally kind get annoyed by the american cup because of that.
Thanks for the NCAA previews. I’m going to do Fantasy gym too and I have no idea who 99% of those girls are. Also the Heart of Courage floor music was edited by a gymternet fan! Her tumblr is candycoateddoom. So that was cool!
I can’t get over Jess’s laugh though it’s the best part of the entire show.

10 years ago

I have voted on all possible categories at stitcher. Maybe we can bump ourselves up from #30 in the chart! Woot.

10 years ago

Is there a link to the gymnasts’ dancing entrances from Glasgow?

10 years ago

Let’s hope UCLA doesn’t bomb beam again….you naivite is astounding! I love that team to pieces but not for their calm confidence on beam. I usually need copious amounts of alcohol and deep yoga breathing to get through a UCLA beam rotation.

10 years ago
Reply to  lilah

You said copious amounts of alcohol and deep yoga breathing and therefore you are my new best friend!

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