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198: The Marta Quote

Marta Karolyi at the 2016 American Cup. © Christy Linder



Spencer and Jessica chat about:

  • Our new podcast about the Gabby’s Douglas realty show Douglas Family Gold on Oxygen.
    • Watch the first episode of Douglas Family Gold here.
  • Ellie Downie won everything, literally at the Osijek World Cup (2:50)
  • Women in their 30’s dominated the Sao Paulo World Cup, including 31 year-old Daniele Hypolito who did this on beam! (9:23)
  • Olympic prelims order released (13:50):
    • Is it really true that scores go up as the day goes on or is that another gym myth that needs to be busted?!
  • Our thoughts on the preliminary Chinese women’s team Shang Chunsong, Fan Yilin, Mao Yi, Wang Yan and first year senior Liu Tingting. (23:00)
    • We discuss the best parts of TingTing’s routines from Chinese nationals including her legit, handspring front on beam! AH-MAZING!


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet is brought to you by 20 Mile Athletic Center in Parker Colorado! We discuss (31:24):

  •  NBC filmed at the ranch and so there were marshmallows, bonfires and unrelated snake throwing 
  • The situation in Romania is just getting worse and worse. 
  • Thema Williams is suing the Trinidad & Tobago gymnastics federation
  • We have a lot to say about the Penn State coaching scandal (45:00): 
    • A petition was launched to re-investigation the allegations. 
    • Associate head coach, wife of Jeff, Rachelle Thompson is stepping down in June. 
    • Former Georgia coach, Suzanne Yoculan, says, “I read some of these things, and I think, ‘That’s not abuse. That’s coaching,’
  • Don’t let boobs get in the way of gymnastics! (1:01:30)
  • The Marta Quote (1:10:00)
    • The New Yorker ran a great, exceptionally well researched profile on Simone Biles but it wasn’t without controversy, especially this quote from Karolyi; ‘after Biles had a subpar workout before Pacific Rims, Martha asked her, “Why are you being a prima donna, you spoiled brat?”’
  • Your reactions to our posts this week including, 12-year-old Jaymes Marshall’s Amanar, the Betty Okino interview and MyKayla Skinner’s quad wolf turn


  • Mary-Anne “Mez” Monkton doing commentary at Australian nationals. Links to the webcast and schedule here
  • The European Championships! #ECBERN2016 or #FeelTheBERN
  • USA Gymnastics’ Made in America series


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7 years ago

There was a video on Twitter after the weekend at The Ranch where Marta calls Simona a \”brat\” with a smile on her face.

Off topic, Trautwig went after a few posters when they admonished him on Twitter. There was a minor back and forth where he was being a jerk. NannningBee knows more about it than me.

7 years ago
Reply to  Desiree


I spend too many hours of my life hating on AL and saying ” you know Nothing AL Trautwig” Even when you try to make fun of him he doesn’t get it and turns into a old belligerent white dude. Ugh.

7 years ago

Another major story coming out of Chinese Nationals (besides the naming of the Olympic team) was that Shang Chunsong looked absolutely incredible. She was so confident and consistent, and it looks like she will be a medal contender on beam, floor, bars, and in the AA. She scored a 60.2 AA in quals 59.550 in finals. I think she has more medal potential than any gymnast besides Simone, which is pretty crazy.

mark k
mark k
7 years ago

Just FYI I am fairly (very) confident that Manrique\’s name is pronounced \”mahn-ree-kay\” – his last name is French (probably Haitian creole origin?) but his first name is straight up Spanish (it\’s actually a Spanish surname usually) and there is no way any Cuban person would pronounce it \”mahn-reek.\” Not sure why he laughed when you tried saying his name – maybe he was just laughing at the confusion.

Furthermore, if you watch coverage from Worlds on TVE (televisión española), their announcer Paloma Del Rio pronounces it \”mahn-ree-kay.\” And she\’s NEVER wrong about anything 😉

Mama Wojo
Mama Wojo
7 years ago

I have always liked the Karolyis. I know they are not perfect but that\’s one of the things I like about them. Over the years they probably made their share of mistakes but even if they don\’t admit it I think they have learned from whatever mistakes they made. Plus they are a constant source of comedic material for me but since most of my friends and family are not gym nerds they would never get it. So yes maybe Marta did call Simone a \”spoiled brat\”. Maybe she was joking but nobody knew that because she\’s Marta and many think she has a sense of humor. Whenever I look at her I cant help but be reminded of the catholic school nuns that terrorized me for 12 years of my young life but that\’s OK. They prepared me well for life. And Good for Simone for not freaking out about it. When you are so mentally tough that even Marta cant tear you down then Yes you are \”Rio Ready\”

Mama Wojo
Mama Wojo
7 years ago

PS I have followed you guys on social media but tonight was first time I heard your podcast. Liked it allot. Looking forward to hearing more.

7 years ago

A good bra is so important! I remember wearing 1-3 compression sports bras over my regular bra when participating in sports in high school. I got my first Panache Ultimate Sports bra right as I started adult gym and with just the one bra I had near zero movement even on trampoline!! It goes down to a 28 band size which is great (I\’m a UK 28ff in that bra), even among the other high quality brands that can be a band size they don\’t make.

I know you mentioned underwire issues on the podcast, but the Panache wires are covered in special padding, and I have no issues with things showing under a leo. Here\’s a couple resources to check out for young gymnasts (or anyone really) unsure what size they are or where to get a good sports bra: , , and

7 years ago

THANK YOU for explaining the origin of the ranch/bonfire/marshmallow photo. It popped up on my Instagram feed and I was so confused. I can\’t imagine they actually got to eat them??

7 years ago

So, I don\’t know if this is better late than never, but in response to the question of who else has done the front handspring-front tuck acro series and really connected it, I can\’t let Yvonne Tousek go unmentioned;

7 years ago

Obviously going through withdrawal and listening to all of the old podcasts on repeat. I would love to hear you guys eventually go back to some of the gym myths and discuss how the Olympic prelim order played out in Rio. For example, Jess and Spencer were confident (as was I) that China going in the first rotation wouldn\’t affect their chances to qualify into bars event finals, but we all saw what happened with that. I read some people complaining about the Chinese form on bars but I really didn\’t see a difference from their prelim and finals/all around routines (and those latter scores were sometimes much higher). I know there were different judges on some of the days, but would love to hear your thoughts on what went on there. PS I discovered this podcast a few months ago and it has literally made my summer, like Moceanu inner tube level of bliss. Love you guys so much and thanks for all that you do!.

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