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May 22, 2016 | Douglas Family Gold, Podcast

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Yes! It’s an all new podcast! We’ll be doing a weekly recap of DFG here along with our regular weekly episodes of GymCastic. If you already subscribe to GymCastic on iTunes and Stitcher, you’ll see DFG in your existing feed. In this week’s recap of DFG, Jessica, Spencer and Spanny discuss our hopes and fears for this long-awaited series:

  • Gym Nerdy: we want footage from the national team training camp and lots of behind-the-scenes at meets.
  • The Brand vs. The Person: we hope to see the real Gabby. 
  • Taboos: Money, the pitfalls of the family running Gabby’s business and love life.
  • Addressing the Scandals: will the decision to leave her Olympic coach, Chow, or the real story behind Excalibur come up during the show? Or will we have to wait for Natalie to write her tell-all book?
  • The Sexy People: we hope to see lots of Christian Gallardo and Coach Fernando in the gym and out.
  • And of course, a drinking game.  


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The irony is that, if Ferrari hadn't done the Ferrari, she might have won gold.

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