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Yes! It’s an all new podcast! We’ll be doing a weekly recap of DFG here along with our regular weekly episodes of GymCastic. If you already subscribe to GymCastic on iTunes and Stitcher, you’ll see DFG in your existing feed. In this week’s recap of DFG, Jessica, Spencer and Spanny discuss our hopes and fears for this long-awaited series:

  • Gym Nerdy: we want footage from the national team training camp and lots of behind-the-scenes at meets.
  • The Brand vs. The Person: we hope to see the real Gabby. 
  • Taboos: Money, the pitfalls of the family running Gabby’s business and love life.
  • Addressing the Scandals: will the decision to leave her Olympic coach, Chow, or the real story behind Excalibur come up during the show? Or will we have to wait for Natalie to write her tell-all book?
  • The Sexy People: we hope to see lots of Christian Gallardo and Coach Fernando in the gym and out.
  • And of course, a drinking game.  


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7 years ago

I am a huge fan of your podcast and listen to you faithfully every week. One thing I love is how open minded, fair, and inclusive you all are, and I appreciate how you seem to make an effort to avoid racism, sexism, heteronormativity and the like.

I want to bring something to your attention that I have no doubt you weren\’t aware was problematic. When the statement was made that \”all humans have needs and it\’s just not normal for a twenty-year-old to not date or not have a romantic life at all,\” you were inadvertently spreading harmful cultural myths that perpetuate the invisibility of asexual people. It is actually untrue that \”all people\” have sexual needs, or that there is something wrong and \”not normal\” about individuals who have no desire to date. Like heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, etc, asexuality is a legitimate sexual orientation in which people do not experience sexual attraction to any gender. Many asexuals choose not to date due to lack of sexual and/or romantic attraction. We asexual people make up at least 1 percent of the population and hear all day long every day how we are broken and \”not normal.\” I was very disappointed to hear such a view perpetuated on this podcast, which is generally a safe and inclusive space for LGBT+ folks.

While I understand your valid point that gymnasts are whole people, and that the majority of people experience sexual attractions and desires (and probably act on them), I feel that this point could have been made without perpetuating the harmful cultural mandate of compulsive sexuality.

Since I have no doubt that these comments were made out of ignorance rather than prejudice, I\’ll add that if you\’d like more information about asexuality, a good place to go for information is the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network. The website for that organization is
Thanks for taking this issue into consideration.

7 years ago
Reply to  Erin

I agree. I enjoyed this particular podcast and love Gymncastic as a whole, but I cringed over the idea that not having sexual needs/desires equates to not being normal. Just a little more clean up is needed on the social awareness front, I think, but other than that keep doing an awesome job, Gymncastic!

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