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191: Jesolo, Stuttgart and NCAA Conference Championships

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This week Olympic medalist, World Champion and NCAA Champion, Sam Peszek, along with Evan Heiter, Uncle Tim, Spencer, and Jessica chat about:

  • NCAA Conference Championships:
    • Pac-12 Championships: what went wrong for Utah, why people are freaking about UCLA’s insane beam team and Arizona State’s emotional Olympic meet.
      • What’s it’s like for Sam to be on the other side of the camera as an analyst (19:50)
      • Elizabeth Price (Ebee) and the vault
      • The sad truth about first-up sacrificial lamb of college gymnastics rotations.
      • Sam responds to our in-depth discussion in episode 185 about whether or not Sophia de Jesus could do her college choreography in elite. (22:00)
      • Gym Myth Busters: do judges really score higher later in the day. (37:00)
    • SEC Championships (40:35): Florida won, but could Alabama or LSU take them out at NCAAs? 
      • How did the end of the meet get conspiracy theorists buzzing; and what really happened? (42:50)
      • Who was the overshadowed star of the first session/ had best meet of her life?  Spoiler alert, Brandi Jay of Georgia.
    • Battle of Gymternet  Love at Regional will be Big 10 all-around champ Lindsay Mable vs. Nina McGee (52:00)
    • Which team has the best bar routines that you have never, ever seen.  (55:00)
  • Jesolo (59:00)
    • How Gabby and her upgrades are coming along
    • Why Italian gymnastics fans are the best!
    • Marta is soooo excited for her retirement.
    • The Jesolo Bee
    • How Ragan Smith and Laurie Hernandez are making a case for the Olympic team
    • Carlotta Ferlitto’s beam crash
    • Aly Raisman’s uncharacteristic fall on vault.
  • Stuttgart (1:16:00)
    • What this told us about the status of the Russian Olympic team
    • Oleg and the Ukranians


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include (1:25:45):

  • The Bronze movie review
  • Thema Williams is going to the Test Event! Suck it slut-shamers!
  • Valentina Rodionenko says Russia will have no meldonium problems. 
  • Aliya Mustafina not likely to compete at nationals
  • Catalina Ponor and Diana Bulimar’s new floor routines
  • U.S. Men sweep a meet and wear cowboy hats
  • English Championships


gymcastic pac rim tickets

What: The GymCastic Mock Press Conference Contest

Prize: Two all-session passes to the 2016 Pac Rim Championships in Everett, WA April 8-10

How: Hold a mock press conference as if you have won the contest. Record yourself (or friend, pet, stuffed animal etc.) answering any question as if you have won. Tag us on Instagram or Twitter using #PacRimPC  (PC as in press conference). One entry per day.

Watch this example or use these questions to get you started:

gymcastic contest example pacrimpc

  • What does this win mean to you?
  • What were your goals coming into this contest?
  • As a superfan, the expectations are high, what kind of fan shenanigans do you have planned for the meet?
  • With this win, have you silenced the haters?

Deadline: April 3rd

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8 years ago

Hey Jess just thought you might like to know that the name Ksenia in Russia anyway is pronounced like Xenia here’s a link to an example (

8 years ago

I have to say this next bit but say it knowing that as someone who was teased as a child I’m a bit sensitive on the subject.

Every time Jess calls Ragan Fevil or refers to her as looking mousey I cringe.

I know it is all in good sport but I just picture Ragan listening and not taking it as a compliment…

I mean, “mousey” generally is not meant as a compliment.

Jess is making a great name for herself in the gym world and I kinda consider her my fan amassador- and While I love her firey personality I’m not a fan of the nicknames.

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