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190: Maroney’s Coaches Respond, Do-Overs, Drug Tests, Glasgow and Gymnix

By Matt Anderegg
By Matt Anderegg


We are trying something new this week. The show has been broken into three parts for your enjoyment; Netflix binge style. Listen to all the three parts sequentially or pick the subject you want to start with first. Tell us what you think of this experiment. 


In the News

In the news, Uncle Tim, Spencer, Lauren, Spanny, and Jessica chat about:

Part One:

  • How to hold a gym nerd’s mock press conference.
  • The Glasgow World Cup recap
    • MyKayla Skinner’s new floor routine.
    • Ellie Seitz’s new Latin-flavored floor.
    • If the British can up their medal haul from London based on their performances here.

Part Two:

  • McKayla Maroney’s coaches, Artur and Galina, responded to her interview with us. See the photos they sent with their response here.
  • Gymnix:
    • Mini-World Championships level gymnastics; better than junior Euros; hands-down the best Gymnix ever.
    • Varvara Zubova (RUS): Her form isn’t perfect yet, but the 1970’s Soviet-esque pixie sent to the future with junior Komova-ish difficulty and Eythora fluidity turned heads. Watch her beam here. 
    • Onysko leading Canada and the Belgian seniors team win

Part Three:

  • NCAA:
    • Oklahoma of the West Coast: Cal Berkeley, the little brainiac school that could. 
    • Why Stanford, the best team on paper, could end up out of the NCAA Championships
    • Sonya Meraz (UCLA) was allowed to repeat her beam routine after a fall when the judge reviewed video and saw a camera light during the crash. Do the rules really allow for this?
    • Is a gift of a 10 for a career where many 10s were not given ok?
  • Gymternet News
    • Test Event horror:
      • Can Romania make it to the Olympics with star, Larisa Iordache out with a broken finger?!
      • Australia loses our beloved Mary-Anne “Mez” Monckton to an ACL injury one day after she was named to the Test Event team.
    • Meldonium, the endurance drug:
      • A TON of gymnasts tested positive  for the newly banned drug Meldonium at Euros in Baku, back in October 2015 before it was banned in January of 2016. 
      • We dig deep into the facts vs rumors about its use in gymnastics. 
    • Tatiana Nabieva’s volunteers to take over for the Rodionovas (we accept!) 
    • Giulia Steingruber’s “The Hard Way To Success” episode was striking when compared to the conditions shown in this short video on India’s Dipa Karmakar.
    • The Washington Post made a major factual error in a story on gymnastics and don’t give enough of a crap about their integrity to fix it.
    • The American roster for Jesolo has been confirmed and you can watch legally for free in the U.S. by using a VPN. Our listeners like Hola and Tunnel Bear.
  • Feedback: listener puts the criticism of Gabby’s hair into the context of African-American beauty and criticism of young people living life in the public eye.


gymcastic pac rim tickets

What: The GymCastic Mock Press Conference Contest

Prize: Two all-session passes to the 2016 Pac Rim Championships in Everett, WA April 8-10

How: Hold a mock press conference as if you have won the contest. Record yourself (or friend, pet, stuffed animal etc.) answering any question as if you have won. Tag us on Instagram or Twitter using #PacRimPC  (PC as in press conference). One entry per day.

Watch this example or use these questions to get you started:

gymcastic contest example pacrimpc

  • What does this win mean to you?
  • What were your goals coming into this contest?
  • As a superfan, the expectations are high, what kind of fan shenanigans do you have planned for the meet?
  • With this win, have you silenced the haters?

Deadline: April 3rd

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Neta Hoffman
Neta Hoffman
8 years ago

Where did Catherine Lyons disappeared???? The world needs some good floor!!!

Ker Ri
Ker Ri
8 years ago
Reply to  Neta Hoffman

She’s been injured (a few different ones) and I believe is being rested until they are fully healed. I think they have 2020 in mind for her, plus her having a healthy body post-gymnastics 🙂

Ike Makos
Ike Makos
8 years ago

I think I personally prefer just one long episode. I liked this in theory, but it ended up being annoying to have to switch between them at times.

8 years ago

I prefer one long one so I can just play it and go. Who would want to skip parts anyway???

8 years ago

I like the long way better but what you could do (for those of us that don’t listen for ncaa coverage) is put a timestamp next to each of the major topics when you’re making your lists of what you talk about each week. So for instance:

This week on GymCastic we discuss:

Jesolo results (0:17:000)
-Gabby vs Aly vs Laurie
-EF metdowns
Brazil’s Test Event Chances (0:30:00)
-BIggest D-scores
-Olympic medal potential

…and so on and so forth. This way the viewer can see exactly what’s interesting to their specific taste and skip ahead to that timeslot if that is their desire. Thanks for always thinking of your fans.

8 years ago

Im confused, How do you watch the Jesolo? Whats Vpn? Is there a specific link and how to use? Never used a ‘vpn’ so a lil confusion on that?

Ker Ri
Ker Ri
8 years ago

Firstly, like the 3 sections – I can rarely listen to the podcast all in one go 🙂

Secondly, thank you for the rant (f-words perfectly legitimate) about floor music in general and choreography. So many times recently I am sat watching a floor competition and am like ‘Who made this floor music – a deaf arrhythmic??!’ Choreography-wise, maybe the US should steal the choreographers the GB team use! At all levels – Espoirs, Juniors and Seniors – they have learnt how tailor choreography to the individual gymnasts’ skills & personalities (eg. Ruby Harrold – contemporary, Catherine Lyons – more classical). Even the men look graceful on floor!

8 years ago

I prefer the longer podcast. 🙂

Rachel M
Rachel M
8 years ago

I really liked the shorter episodes this week! I guess you can’t please everybody.

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