187: McKayla Maroney

Feb 23, 2016 | GymCastic, Interviews, Podcast, Video

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This Week's Interview

 Olympic gold medalist and three time World Champion, McKayla Maroney has much to share about where she has been, what happened along the way and where she is going next. She settles long debated gymternet questions and we find out what caused the physical and emotional breakdown she referred to in this video last year. We discuss:

  • If she feared blowback from speaking frankly about her experiences. 
  • The skill she tried that Marta told her to never to do again.  
  • The circumstances surrounding her injuries and multiple surgeries.
  • The post-Olympic tour conditions and their effects on her health. 
  • She answers fans suspicions that her injuries are due to poor nutrition.  
  • Some fans claim that AOGC break gymnasts, her thoughts. 
  • Did the advice she received from her coaches contribute to her injuries?  
  • How she dealt with self identity as she struggled to stay healthy. 
  • Discusses the role of humility and insecurity through the Olympic selection process. 
  • Does she think the men’s team should be more like the women’s program in order to be more successful? 
  • Dealing with criticism on social media. 
  • She describes her personal experiences as an elite gymnast, and their influence on changes she would like to see made at the national team level. 
  • Did she really have to hire bodyguards after the Olympics?
  • Who does she credit with teaching her that amazing vault technique: her second coach, Howie Liang at Gym-Max or her Olympic coach, Artur Akopyan at All Olympia Gymnastics Center (AOGC)? 
  • Why did she go overtime in 2013 at the Antwerp World Championships on floor?

Guest Links

McKayla Maroney official website

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  • Fill your emotional chalk bucket! Positive Coaching Alliance is a national non-profit developing “Better Athletes, Better People” by working to provide athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience. Check out their free resources and courses. There are even trainings specifically for gymnastics. 
  • US Olympic Committee SafeSport: Learn about the dangers of emotional misconduct in sports. Definitions and model policies to prevent emotional and verbally abusive coaching
  • Resources :

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