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175: Event Finals Day 2 Recap from 2015 World Championships

Manrique Larduet from Cuba world medalist celebrates
Manrique (CUB) is going to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio! Photo by Christy Linder.


In the News

Jessica is reporting in person from the 2015 Women’s Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow, Scotland with the European Gymnastic Crew: Michelle Web, Cordelia Price, and Becca Emrick:

  • What did Bruno say about black athletes in gymnastics?
  • Steve Butcher addressed the delays in the press conference.
  • Is there a pro European bias?
  • More discussion of debunking myths–we discuss the state of gymnastics TODAY!
  • We talk men’s vault: we dissect each competitor.
  • Are there rules about selfie-sticks on the floor?
  • What the hell was with the walk-in music?
  • We talk women’s beam: of course we break down all the deets.
  • Komova has officially become a fighter–and her leo was on point.
  • Cordelia does her best Scott Bregman impersonation.
  • Coach Carol Angela is The Alchemist.
  • Simone is a diamond–the more pressure the more sparkle she produces.
  • Is the Azerbaijan buy-your-gymnastics-team system working?
  • We talk men’s parallel bars: the cleanest final of the day.
  • We talk women’s floor: a great final, but Jessica is not happy!
  • We dig deep into Sae’s (JPN) floor routine.
  • Who fanned themselves better? Afasanava or Maggie?
  • We talk high bar: Chris Brooks’ routine reminds us why gymnastics is an important life skill
  • Cordelia channels Yin.
  • Where are the giant plane tickets to Rio?
  • We talk about how everyone else can get to Rio and what controversies await them, especially if the IOC crack down on the three years of citizenship rule for Jamaica and Belarus.
  • Guess who has guaranteed himself an automatic spot to Rio? Maaaaaanriqueeeeeeeeeee!
  • Simone made history AGAIN! More Simone please.
  • Glasgow has set the new standard. We love you Glasgow and thank you for your hospitality!

We are taking a two week because, let’s face it, we just did more shows in one week than we do in a month, we need a little vacation! Thank you all for making this coverage possible!

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8 years ago

Hi, Gymcastic crew! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the coverage from Worlds! Thank you so much!

A couple of notes in regards to your conversation about naming conventions…in most Spanish-speaking countries, people have four names: two given names and two surnames (father’s surname first, then mother’s surname). If you are going to refer to someone by one surname only, you usually use their first surname (father’s surname). Of course, like any “rule,” there are always exceptions.

Some examples:
Sofi Gómez from Guatemala – full name is Ana Sofía Gómez Porras
Jessica López from Venezuela – full name is Jessica Brizeida López Arocha
Manrique Larduet – full name is Manrique Larduet Bicet

There is an easy solution for this confusion. Gymnasts have to register for FIG by their full legal name, but the FIG also includes a spot for PREFERRED given name and surname. This is where the gymnasts should provide the name they would like announced at meets. Just searching a few names in the FIG database, some gymnasts use this feature and some do not. Not only would this help with the last name confusion, but also for people who go by something other than their given name (Maggie, the Ellies, Sofi Gómez, etc)

As a side note, the FIG page also has a spot for nicknames. Komova’s page says Vika, Maggie’s page says “Swaggie Maggie, J.Lo’s page says J.Lo, and Simone’s page says $imoney. LOVE <3


8 years ago

Not all European countries use a name structure of 2 given names + one surname/family name. Here in Portugal, you use 1 or 2 given names and 1 to 6 surnames, first your mother’s surnames, then father’s.
A similar thing happens in France, I think. But in Spain, you have the same rules as in Spanish speaking countries in South America. So, not everyone in Europe uses the Anglo-Saxon rules.

8 years ago

I was had to stop listening to the episode partway through. When I tried to resume listening, it seems to be removed from the website. Ahhh I want to finish the episode! HELP!!! Thanks, 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  GymCasticCrew

Thanks!! Listening now! 🙂

8 years ago

I\’m confused by the Gym Report spreadsheet. They seem to be overlooking the fact that teams 13-16 qualify a whole team to the test event. Or am I wrong?

8 years ago

It seems that the download link for episode 175 is actually a link for #173.
Thank you for the wonderful coverage so far, and I am very excited to hear #175 when the download link is up!
devotedly yours,

Cathy Lemon
Cathy Lemon
8 years ago
Reply to  GymCasticCrew

Sorry, I\’ve tried to download today 24/11 and it\’s still pulling link to 173

8 years ago

In defense of the NBC commentators, I have noticed that the majority of their comments of the \”international look\” are actually in the context of something Martha has said. I agree it would be helpful for them to educate us that this is an out of date bias, but that would actually mean undermining Martha and her opinions about the \”international look.\”

8 years ago

Where is the episode??

8 years ago

I think NBC thinks that they are misunderstood. That\’s why you get these silly excuses from Tim Dagget like \”I\’m just simplifying it for the people who don\’t know.\” But that\’s not the point. It\’s not that we don\’t understand – it\’s that we think it\’s really, really dumb. As you said, you can simplify, but it has to be accurate. You can simplify but you shouldn\’t dumb it down as a result. No matter what, until NBC gets over highly editing and sensationalizing their coverage to paint a biased picture, this is what the general public will think about our beloved sport. Such a shame, why can\’t Universal sports have a monopoly on Olympic coverage? That way we won\’t be stuck with these gymnastics myths and fodder about how the Chinese gymnasts are underage.

8 years ago

Body bias is directed on the other end of the spectrum too. Shang Chunsong is derided for her petite frame and youthful looks, a result of a hard knock background. People need to understand that systemic preferences and ethnic and socioeconomic/lifestyle differences contribute to smaller girls in China.

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