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196: The Romanian Situation with Bea

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Larisa Iordache by Christy Linder


In the News

This week we talk about the state of Romanian gymnastics with native Romanian and editor of The Couch Gymnast, Bea:

  • Coaches Octavian Belu and Maria Bitang make 1,841 USD/month while gymnasts Bulimar and  Iordache get 460 USD/month
  • False reports that Diana Bulimar had quit (6:15) 
  • What happened at the press conference (9:24)
  • Rio Selection Process: who is in the running and how they will be chosen. 
  • Will Romania ever hire a bars coach?!
  • Listener questions:
    • What is the status of the nationwide star search and development program?  
    • Can failure of the gymnastics team be blamed on problems in the country generally?
  • When Romanians appeared semi-nude in a Japanese gymnastics video: What happened from the gymnasts point of view when they arrived in Japan to film (39:52). 

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Gazeta Sporturilor sums up the Romanian sports situation at the high level. It is called Democracy Kills

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Alexandra Luz Muñoz Sala
Alexandra Luz Muñoz Sala
7 years ago

25:00 “Like Béla Károlyi retired like 700 times and kept coming out of retirement and then finally he really messed up and gymnasts were like “oh hell no” then he never came out of retirement again”
So what was this one specific major mess up? I don’t go back that far on my gymnastics history ; )
Love the work

Alexandra Luz Muñoz Sala
Alexandra Luz Muñoz Sala
7 years ago

The no longer artistic director and choreographer of the Romanian National Ballet Company is Danish, his name is Johan Kobborg and he’s actually fiancé of Alina Cojocaru. I saw her at the English National Ballet once, she’s really beautiful, so advanced.
He resigned when Tiberiu Soare became general manager and tried to remove Kobborg’s position, a lot happened, Tiberiu was transferred to another position and the conductor that took his place asked Kobborg to stay but to lie about what happened and to try to work with this Tiberiu guy which is quite the strict nationalist, threatening to fire dancers and speaking exclusively in Romanian desconsidering the many international dancers on the company.
So Kobborg totally left and within reason, the Bucharest National Opera didn’t say anything about it.

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