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195: Feedback & Rio Test Event with Coach Rick


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This week we are so happy to have Canadian, coach, brevet judge (inactive) and the most interesting gymnastics man in the world, Coach Rick Skype-ing in from Brazil with  Jessica, and Uncle Tim to chat about:

  • The men’s competition at the Rio Test Event including Germany, Ukraine and Coach Rick’s homeland, Canada.
  • Reports after the test event said there were serious safety issues, what does Coach Rick think Rio needs to do to prepare (11:50). 
  • Cultural bias, American expectations and safety in developing countries; Podrão, Rio bridge collapse, the 1997 Maccabiah Games bridge collapsed and subsequent convictions
  • Listener Nicholas suggests bringing limited compulsories back as part of the team score to balance out the big D’s. 


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include (27:00):

  • USA Gymnastics’s docu-series Made in America review and preview of next week’s episode.
    • Who was invited but didn’t give an interview
  • Trinidad & Tobago update four members of the federation have resigned. Here is the chronology of this mess. 
  • Diana Bulimar (ROM) is not retiring. 
  • Aimee Boorman, coach of  Simone Biles, is seeking clearance from the FIG after Uncle Tim pointed out the lyrics in Simone’s floor music on last week’s show. 
  • Inappropriate Faces: A draft of the WAG Code of Points cites this as a deductible offense *insert incredulous face here*
  • Listener Feedback:
    • Why aren’t extensive pauses before tumbling passes deducted?
    • Why are yurchenko double back’s considered for woman and can we really judge safety and bone density from gender or ethnicity (41:00)? 
    • Why don’t men use music in their floor routines? Canada allows this (1:03:54)!
    • A dancer thinks artistry is better left out of artistic gymnastics. 
    • This ridiculousness of the man-wipe, a video
    • Attrition rates matter! Listener thoughts on allegations of abuse by the Penn State coaches.  Recruits should ask about graduations rates and how many athletes left the program before reaching their senior year on the team.
  • A must listen for every gymnast, coach and  Taylor Lindsey Noel an elite who was injured and paralyzed when her coach argued with her for an hour about trying a new dismount without a pit. She’s a gifted story teller and still an athlete to her core (47:00).  

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8 years ago

Thanks for the Tea time with Tay reccomendation. She has more wisdom and self awareness at 22 than most people twice her age. Great listen

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