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201: Men’s Olympic Trials and P&G Champs Preview

morgan hurd podcast
One of our favorites to watch this weekend. Click the image to link to her awesome website.



In the news, Uncle Tim, Spencer, and Jessica chat about:

  • Our favorite moments from last week’s interview with Alicia Sacramone 
  • Controversy (of course) at Australian Olympic Trials (4:01)
  •  Rhythmic and Trampoline Olympic Trials (11:09)
    • Rhythmic roup qualifies for first time, ever.
    • Sadness, injuries, elation and awesome adult gymnastics from tramp (14:04)
    • “The legs that I had, the butt that I had were why I jumped so high” – Olympic Champion Rosie MacLennan (CAN) video
  • P&G Championships Preview (1:03:30)
    • How to watch live, online and on tv here. Sam Peszek and Evan Heiter are doing juniors analysis!
    • Karolyi Ranch film to premiere on Friday at 8pm ET on NBC, watch trailer here.
    • Who we are looking forward to watching who won’t go to Rio (Morgan Hurd, Emily Gaskins)
    • Who is in a do or die situation to qualify to Rio or even Trials
    • Recap of Beyond the Routine with Bailie Key who has scratched from P&Gs
  • Men’s Olympic Trials Preview (1:24:36)
    • W.D.M. How the men qualify to the team.
    • When will the team actually be named?
    • Top 4 storylines to watch?
    • Mr. Hollie Vise, Alex Naddour says baby and wife help his gymnastics.


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include:

  • Rhythmic gymnastics attempted suicide
  • The many retirements and injuries including Komova. 
  • Why USA Gymnastics need to change their rules. None of these coaches have been banned or publicly suspended yet! (26:47)
  • Louis Smith accused of objectifying Carly Patterson with close-up bottom shot (49:31)
  • Bias in judging: Should judges be allowed to judge their relatives or gymnasts?
    • Tatiana Nabiyeva’s coach-judge was cleared by the FIG
  • Awesome skills alert:
  • NCAA News:
    • Penn State abuse news: People magazine and the Washington Post have covered this and yet, the head coach still remains there.
    • LSU gymnastic coach D-D Breaux gets boost in pay, now makes $240,000.
    • Miss Val launched a website and announced that she is writing a book.
  • Book Mania – check them all out in our store here.
  • Two adult gymnastics camps! Shields in NJ and Atlantic in NH.




How do the women qualify from P&G Championships to Olympic Trials in 2016?olympic qualifier rules wag gymnastics usage

How the men are chosen for the US Olympic Team


Emma Nedov Floor:

Olivia Vivian Bars:

Olivia Vivian Floor:

Alex Eade Beam:

Georgia-Rose Brown Floor:

Kiara Munteanu Floor:

Alex Eade Floor:

Larrissa Miller Floor:

Emma Nedov Beam:


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7 years ago

I didn\’t know it was $2/mo. I just joined

7 years ago

Great episode! Just FYI, the poverty line for a family of four is $24, 000. For a single person the poverty line is $12,000. Not to say that adjuncts shouldn\’t make more, but they aren\’t at poverty line. Also, it\’s just the adjuncts that make that little, who usually have other jobs; full time faculty will make at least $75k. That said, I totally agree about the backward priorities of US universities and think more of the money should be going to professors and research rather than coaches.

7 years ago

In Hockey (NHL) there are identical twins playing on the same team on the same line (Daniel and Henrik Sedin)

7 years ago

The Weavers sisters (NED) and the Yurkina sisters (BLR) are other examples

7 years ago

No one mentioned Madison Kocians back to back usage of Khorkinas floor music. Her last routine Khorkina used, and her new routine, is also music Khorkina used. Is this just a coincidence? lol

7 years ago

The highest paid women\’s gymnastics coach in the NCAA is currently Megan Marsden at $310,000 (as of 2015).

KJ Kindler was at $230,000 + annual stay bonus of $25k based on contract signed in 2014 (see: But she essentially just received a $15k raise — $5,000/year just announced, plus $10,000/year already in contract — this last week, with annual raises of $15,000 now built into her contract through 2022 (, essentially making her guaranteed 2016-17 salary $270,000 ($255,000 + $25,000 \”stay\” bonus).

Oklahoma, like many sports-centric schools, don\’t use state funds to pay their coaches; it\’s all from outside funding. Florida is another one who does the same, but unlike Oklahoma doesn\’t regularly publish their coaching salaries (they run Athletic Department as separate entity from U), outside of football. The last published salary I could find for Rhona Faehn was roughly $150,000, but this was back in 2012-13.

And, don\’t forget, coaches receive bonus for success. That first National Championship for Faehn, she received a $46,309 bonus, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Kindler last year received a $75,000 bonus for finishing second and winning Big 12s. Safe to assume she got even more this year for the National Champ.

To contrast, Miss Val makes a comparatively shameful $172,000 at UCLA, where the cost of living is much higher. That\’s less than Danna Durante in Georgia, with zero national championships, who made $177,000 in 2015.

7 years ago
Reply to  c4720932

It\’s crazy to me that Val isn\’t the highest paid NCAA coach. If you combine her years of service, her number of championships, and the cost of living in LA- she should be.

7 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I assume that $172k probably doesn\’t include other benefits. They probably pay for all her living expenses, primo health insurance plan, etc, in addition to her salary, I would think.

7 years ago
Reply to  CA

Ha, ha.. No. No coach\’s salary includes \”living expenses\” … That\’s what the money is for. Some (most?) do get cars to drive. There is often a good bit of apparel from whatever sportswear/shoe company the school is sponsored by. Sometimes there are golf memberships or similar perks. Heck, some top-level college coaches (read: football, not gymnastics) get personal use of a private plane, etc. This is a good article ( about the perks college football coaches get in their contract.

Of course there are always insurance and retirement benefits. And, yes, the salary numbers don\’t include any of this for Val, or any of the others. But, yeah, I don\’t even know of any football coaches that gets \”living expenses.\” You will see sometimes where a school will buy a football coach\’s house in their former town as incentive to get them, or in the town they are now to make it easier for them to leave. But that\’s a temporary stopgap where the school then bears the burden of the house until it sells, rather than the coach, personally. (Well, realistically it\’s usually big donors who pick up this tab,) But I\’ve never seen even the juiciest, perk-filled football coaching contract that buys them a house to live in.

I recently saw another article about Kindler that put her 2017 salary at $331,000, which would easily make her the highest-paid gymnastics coach in the country. (source:

John Kraft
7 years ago

I understand Zac Lawson has opened up shop again in the same building using a different business name.

Robin L.
Robin L.
7 years ago

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