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10 Most Popular GymCastic Episodes

No one will blame you if you’ve already listened to every episode of GymCastic. And no one will blame you if you listen to some again. In fact, here’s some inspiration. These are the 10 most popular GymCastic epsiodes.

1. 61: Katelyn Ohashi Clears The Air

One little gymnast. Lots of Gymternet rumors.

2. 63: Doctor Larry Nassar

The doctor who sees it all and heals it all.

3. 89: Everybody Loves Raymond!

His floor should’ve won a Tony.

4. 113: Junior & Senior Women’s Finals from the 2014 US Championships in Pittsburgh

When Simone had just a measly set of two national titles.

5. 114: Fallout From Gymnastike’s Handling of Maroney Hack, plus a Tumble Recap

Gymnastike makes an oopsie.

6. 80: Marta did commentary for Nastia!

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 6.23.20 PM
Her short-lived attempt to dethrone Trautwig.

7. 77: Aly Raisman

She tumbles! She leads teams to gold! She sometimes cries before finishing her last pass!

8. 187: McKayla Maroney 

Maroney spills more than a cup at a party.

9. 124: Event Finals at the 2014 World Championships

When Simone had just a measly set of nine World medals.

10. 137: Lady Lisa Mason

The only Royal interview GymCastic has conducted.

Let us know: Which episode is your favorite?


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7 years ago

Wow, I guess my tastes must be completely different from the general listening demographic. I\’ve only listened through about 25% of the podcasts, but my own top 10 would be:

– Interview with Boginskaya (how can this not be on everyone\’s?)
– Interview with Terin Humphrey
– 2008 Olympic AA
– Interview with Stella Umeh
– Interview with Lisa Mason
– Interview with Jenny Hansen
– Interview with Eythora Thorsdottir and coach
– Interview with Jenni Pinches
– Interview with Chellsie Memmel
– Interview with Alicia Sacramone

I\’ve also noticed that the interviews with American WAG who are currently competing are relatively boring, compared to their interviews long after retirement. But, for some reason, the current GB athletes have more to say and are interesting.

Also, thanks for the variety of athletes you interview. Growing up without the internet, I didn\’t really give much thought to either Stella Umeh or Jenny Hansen. But, their interviews with you were so interesting that I dug through Youtube to look for footage.

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