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Douglas Family Gold: A Companion for Gabby

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This week’s show is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the Orlando terror attack and the LGBT community everywhere. Find out how to help here or call on legislators to make gun reform here.

On this week’s recap of Douglas Family Gold (S2E3), Jessica, Spencer and Spanny  discuss:

  • The lack of gymnastics and Coach Christian
  • Natalie is shocked that her adult children don’t want to spend every waking moment with her
  • Arie and Joy are totally starting a fashion business right now
  • Shocker, John doesn’t want to hang out with his mom during his college visit
  • The sisters think Gabby need a companion, but isn’t ready to date… sooooo escort? 
  • Jessica is outraged at the old, sexless, no-time for boyfriends, abnormal development because she’s a gymnast trope
  • Gabby gets a kitten instead of an adult cat and the gymternet lost their damn minds. 


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Abnormal in Atlanta
Abnormal in Atlanta
7 years ago

Oh man the irony of dedicating this episode to support the lgbt+ community while simultaneously and blatantly promoting heteronormativity. Dont worry. I\’ll shut up now as instructed. Carry on with your judgments and assumptions about what\’s normal and abnormal–since it\’s clearly your privilege to do so.

7 years ago

I agree with “Abnormal in Atlanta” — Jess seems to have NO concept that what’s normal for her isn’t necessarily normal for other people and she’s been obnoxious about it so often. Many high-level athletes, musicians, dancers, etc. delay relationships until they’re a bit older because they’re so focused on training during high school and college age, and some people just aren’t into it until they’re older (or ever, but apparently we can’t talk about that). Regardless, if Gabby is saying she doesn’t want a relationship, it is the epitome of disrespect to not believe her! For all the talk about treating athletes like the adults they are and empowering them to make their own decisions about their bodies, there’s sure a lack of that sentiment here when it comes to doing something Jess doesn’t think is “normal.”

Abnormal in Atlanta
Abnormal in Atlanta
7 years ago
Reply to  ts

I’m glad I’m not the only one. I was pretty deeply offended by her “quit emailing me, asexual people,” comment. I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and this is the only time I have EVER heard her say she doesn’t want feedback from listeners. Typically she asks for listener feedback–but I guess she only doesn’t want to hear from asexuals? I was honestly pretty shocked by her reaction to what was an honest and sincere effort on my part to open dialogue on the issue.

I have no idea what Gabby’s sexuality is, but I NEVER make assumptions. She may be straight, but she may not be, either. As a non-straight person (I am asexual), it was such a painful, painful experience to go through my adolescence and young adulthood with people pushing me to date, trying to set me up on dates, speculating on why I didn’t want to date, and gossiping about what was “wrong” with me that I didn’t like men. I would never participate in doing that to another person. Even if Gabby is “normal” (which I assume Jessica defines as heterosexual and with a sex drive and attraction level that is exactly like her own)–it’s still perfectly acceptable for her to continue dating Gym Nastics. It’s not my business to judge or to change her.

Abnormal in Atlanta
Abnormal in Atlanta
7 years ago
Reply to  GymCasticCrew

Cool. I’ll be tuning in.

7 years ago

It\’s funny that one measure of a healthy and well-developed normal athlete is having sex and relationships, because the \”abnormal\” Simone Biles is doing the complete opposite of that. If you read that New Yorker piece on her, \”A Full Revolution\”, It talks about how she likes this boy (and he knows it), but she can\’t call him her boyfriend yet. Amy Boorman, her coach, knows this and has put the fear of god on that boy and told him not to screw with her until after the Olympics, not before. Simone is only about 1 year younger than Douglas and in a similar stage of life. If someone like Amy is worried about the consequences of boys on Simone, one of the most focused athletes in the history of the sport, then other equally committed young athletes have probably encountered this scenario too. It\’s not unthinkable that some of those \”abnormal\”, highly goal-oriented athletes might hold off on those things temporarily to stay focused on those goals. If Douglas, a very focused and goal-oriented athlete, says she doesn\’t want to deal with any of that at the moment to focus on her gymnastics and her numerous commitments, or even if she changes her mind at some point, then there\’s no reason not to believe her and question if she\’s well-adjusted. She has her own coping mechanisms to deal with the pressures and relatively unique circumstances of her life, which may not involve physical/sexual contact with others, and that\’s perfectly reasonable. Instead of speculating on her love and sex life in ways that are contradictory to her statements, we should let Douglas express her story and her own desires on her own terms without attaching our own preconceived notions in ways that she did not intend.

7 years ago

Just got around to listening to this set of podcasts. Best episode yet! Even though I don\’t totally agree with all of the statements made, I completely got what you were saying and loved it! Thanks.

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