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236: Dream Theme Floor Routines

maggie nichols college ou
National Treasure, ranked number one this week, Oklahoma Sooner, Maggie Nichols (Photo OU)



In the news, Uncle Tim, Spencer and Jessica chat about:

  • The University of North Carolina gymnastics team is hosting an LGBTQ Community Support meet on Friday, January 20th.
  • Artistic themes for floor routines that absolutely need to be performed ASAP (4:24)
  • The NCAA Recap: 
    • Oklahoma (15:51)
      • Chayse Capps beam 9.975  vs Peng Peng beam  
      • Most controversial comments made by Kelly Garrison (Steves) Funderburk
    •  Florida (27:16)
    • Alabama ( 35:06)
    • Windy City Invitational (43:08)
    • The strangest trend in NCAA right now – teams running behind the vaulter (39:30) 
    • The most controversial scores of the week (41:38): Ashleigh Gnat LSU 10 for her DTY vault and Chayse Capps UB 9.9


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include:

  • Simone Biles interviewed by Tom Hanks on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me 
  • Eythora, Oleg, Mikulak and Ragan Smith headline the  American Cup 
    • Qualification rules for all-around World Cups explained (1:00:41)
  • Nile Wilson injured
  • Aliya Mustafina is with child
  • Trampoline Parks are bad.
  • FEEDBACK your hilarious letters and solutions to all problems gym nerd (1:11:31):
    • How to watch NCAA meets if you live outside of the US: Slingtv international package and lets you add SEC and Pac12 for about $25/month or NastiaFan101take12
    • Why do college gymnasts sit in a straddle conga line after the meet? 
    • Simone Biles & Aly Raisman will appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and are treated completely differently than men for doing so. 
    • A newbie Fantasy NCAA gym player has created super villain nicknames for his entire roster. 
  • RAGE-O-METER: Leotard sizes and panty peek-a-boo. 


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7 years ago

As a judge, I HATE the idea of gymnasts running after the vaulter. Very distracting for the judge. Many judges are already wearing ear plugs at NCAA meets, doing literally anything they can to focus in such a crazy distracting environment. The last thing you need is even more going on, especially during the actual routine.

Also, I love the idea of “crack or correct”– hilarious. If you’re ever in need of a judge guest, call me up! That said, even though I often think that scores are little on the cracky side (the Auburn gymnast’s VT from last week, which Greg Marsden posted on twitter, comes to mind as seemingly crack-induced), I think that it is important to note that there is very real pressure on NCAA judges to overscore. Those same judges are likely not giving cracky scores in JO. The problem is the culture in NCAA — the pressure put on judges to award high scores so they don’t disadvantage teams in national rankings, and the very real anger/criticism directed at judges who score more strictly — not incompetent individual judges. Any change to the way that NCAA meets are scored would have to happen at the system level and would need to involve some method of protecting judges from subtle retaliation for judging tougher if it were really going to work.

7 years ago

I almost died today listening to this episode. Literally.
I was listening to your show while eating my dinner, and then come the floor theme part, and I laugh so hard, I choke on my food. So there I am, gasping for air, tears running down my face, and the show is so funny that I\’m still laughing. Now luckily my roomie is a superhero who knows first aid and came running in and saved me from dying. She doesn\’t really know gymnastics (all superheroes have flaws), so when she asked me what happened, I tried to explain to her why it was funny, but she just gave me a look like I was a lunatic.
And what have I learned from this? Apparently absolutely nothing, because this has already happened to me (though last time it was just water, and I didn\’t really choke, I just got water all over the place). I have however learned not to listen in public, because people really stare at you when you start laughing while sitting next to them on the bus. Yes, this happened too many times.

Thank you so much for this amazing show, and all that you do!

Greetings from Denmark 🙂

7 years ago

Love that Jessica wants Morgan Hurd for the American cup wild card spot!! I think it will be Child’s but, Morgan is the new senior I am most excited about!

7 years ago

Glad to hear Uncle Tim give some men\’s gym updates & info. Just wanted to mention that in addition to seeing men\’s gym on BTN, you can see the Stanford men\’s team on the Pac12 livestream 4 times this season, the Stanford Open – Jan 21, twice in February, and against Oklahoma in March.

My picks for American Cup wildcards would be Jordan Chiles, Morgan Hurd, or Norah Flatley on the womens side, and either Akash Modi or Sean Melton on the mens. Both men are on the national team, but because of NCAA probably aren\’t available. Much as I like Sam Mikulak, it would be nice to see someone new get the opportunity to compete if their training readiness allows (Muldauer, Penev, Maestas?)

7 years ago

Hi im a British gymnast and at all the meets I\’ve competed at the wierd queue conga line thing is a thing but its a lot more awkward with some people doing it and some not you know because Britain

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