310: Suspension and Sabotage

Jun 26, 2018 | GymCastic, Podcast




  • To listen to Kerry Perry’s full keynote address with Q&A’s from Region 4 Congress go to timestamp (1:49:11)
  • Alex Naddour has been added to the USAG list of Suspended Members (1:50)
    • Bylaws 9.3 and 10.5
    • What we know from the OC Register
    • What we make of the timing and Naddour’s response
    • Our current multitude of frustrations with USAG
  • Brazilian Nationals SABOTAGE! (17:35)
    • Guys. You guys. Someone cut the power lines to the venue before the second day of Brazilian Nationals so that the rest of the competition had to be canceled. We have conspiracy theories. They’re excellent.
  • National Team Coordinator (28:13)
    • Jessica has the latest on the search for a new NTC, and it’s slightly horrifying.
    • What happened when Kerry Perry gave the keynote address at Region 4 Congress (35:02)
  • Gymternet Things (53:46) 

MEET NEWS (1:07:38)

  • Junior Pan Ams
    • Some actual gymnastics!
    • Team selection drama and temperature drama steal the show
  • Guimaraes World Cup
    • Maisie and Manrique dominate
    • Jorge Vega Lopez has a new, terrible nickname
    • Yeo Seojong does a handspring front double full!
  • Guess who’s back this week!
    • It’s Riley McCusker, Eythora Thorsdottir, and Sophie Scheder!
  • News roundup
    • Eddie Penev and Sam Mikulak are working a 1.6 pass on floor — back 2.5 + front 2/1 + double front
    • Jessica wants Spencer to guess how much Oleg makes and Spencer is no fun at all and the worst about it
    • Khorkina is a coach for the Russian speed skating team. Because sure. Why would that be weird?
    • Rhys McClenaghan has been left with no choice but to get his Vera Caslavska on and train outside like a folk hero

Full Audio Recording of Kerry Perry’s Keynote Address/Q&A from Region 4 Congress

  • Regional SafeSport directors, decentralized approach for policy interpretation (1:49:11)
  • Daniels Report 80% implemented (1:56:47)
  • Investigations “we need to know, what are the facts” (1:58:57)
  • How will USAG pay for settlements and remain financially viable? (2:18:20)
    • Chief Legal Officer, Chris Tebo, discusses insurance coverage and filing declaratory judgment action for defense costs.



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