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309: Perfect Form – The O’Beirne Code



This week’s episode is commissioned by Club Gym Nerd Member Anna, who requested an episode entitled “Perfect Form,” saying, “Please discuss all your favorite gymnasts with execution according to the O’Beirne Code.”

O’Beirne Code, you say?!?!?! Don’t mind if we do. Excuse us while we casually fix all of gymnastics in a single day. You’re welcome.


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5 years ago

Re: Walking under the low bar:

I\’m so glad they deduct for that now, it\’s resulted in a lot fewer dead hang kips, because even those steps under the low bar weren\’t helping. I\’d make it even harder and require elite bars and beam to have at least a B mount.

5 years ago

I don\’t think Maroney and Biles are the best you can do an Amanar. Maroney always had soft knees. Biles had foot issues.

Nadia didn\’t have to be perfect to get a 10. She had to be better than the other gymnasts at the time. The judging was more like a ranking system back then. Nadia got a 10 because she was better than other gymnasts that were getting 9.9s and such. These days the gymnasts actually do have to be perfect but most of them aren\’t going for perfection. Difficulty is rewarded so much as opposed to execution, it pays to do more difficulty with worse form. ,

I\’m not mad about the .3 deduction for walking under the low bar. Running under the low bar to mount the high bar is ridiculous. Just mount the other side.

There really should be an annual Gymcastic Cup using the Gymcastic code. You\’ll have to create a Universe level of Club Gym Nerds who\’ll get to help hash out the code but all Club Gym Nerds would get to suggest some number of rules, of course.

5 years ago

I just wanted to confirm that you *don\’t* talk about Daniela Silivas enough! As a young gymnast in the late 80s I wanted to BE Daniela Silivas — I guess I didn\’t have a good concept at the time of what living in Ceaucescu\’s Romania would have been like. If I had the spare cash I would totally plonk it down for a Silivas retrospective (spend as much time as you like talking about the 88 compulsory platonic ideal of a dive roll) or the 1988 Olympic all-around (still mad at Nellie Kim about that vault score.

5 years ago

I would love Simone to do a floor routine to a high school musical song, wearing her zac efron leotard! I think she would really feel this routine and could perform to it like crazy xDDDDD

Best wishes from Austria, I love your podcast <3 <3

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