278: 2000 Sydney All-Around Final (Commissioned)

Oct 24, 2017 | Commissions, GymCastic, Podcast



This week’s episode is commissioned by Club Gym Nerd member Courtney, who commissioned an episode all about the Sydney women’s all-around final saying simply, “Because I know the gymternet has feelings.” We sure do. Thanks for letting us do this, Courtney!


  • Russia drama! (Because of course.) Produnova is pulled from the final in favor of Zamolodchikova. Jessica doesn’t have feelings about it at all. 
  • Watch along with us here competition video
  • NBC’s fluff and obsession with father figures and male influence. (See: The Fluff Cast.)
  • The vault is probably fine.

This trash competition

  • Why the meet was cursed right from the start.
  • Several minutes discussing Kristen Maloney’s shiny silver leotard, because of deep and important thoughts.
  • Elise Ray’s SCARIEST vault warmup of all time.
  • Why did some people struggle with the low vault and others not? We have theories.
  • KHORKINA and the difference between artistry, elegance, carriage, and actual execution.
  • Maria Olaru, how she’s basically treated like garbage, and NBC’s super inappropriate comments.
  • Jessica and Spencer disagree about a certain vault and whether it’s hideous or not.
  • The improvement in Chinese floor routines from 1996 to 2000.
  • Elise Ray doing all three Rays in one bars routine.
  • Why Viktoria Karpenko is one of the greatest gymnasts ever to live.

The vault

  • Extensive feelings about what SHOULD have happened when the problem on vault was discovered, and why what actually happened was very, very wrong.
    • Should the entire meet have been redone?
    • Should everyone have been made to vault again?
    • How do we account for people making other mistakes after vault?
  • Are there any actual, better rules in place should this situation happen again?
  • Khorkina’s post-vault bars routine and whether the vault issue made her fall on bars.
  • One woman with the scariest job in the entire world.

The meet continues

  • Yang Yun’s beautiful foot-ography and a very rare, very special Spencer Rage-o-Meter about Al’s racist floor music comments.
  • Everyone who’s leading has to collapse Part 7: Yelena Zamolodchikova.
  • The most bizarre score of the entire meet (spoiler alert: it’s a Romanian bars routine).
  • Everyone who’s leading has to collapse Part 8: Viktoria Karpenko.
  • Al rooting for Lisa Skinner to chuck a dangerous vault she’s never done before.
  • Andreea Raducan’s glory rising to the top above this trash heap.

The aftermath

  • Andreea Raducan stripped of her medal for testing positive for a substance found in cough medicine that is no longer even banned.
  • Whether we recognize the stripping of Raducan’s medal. (We don’t).
  • In 2010, Dong Fangxiao was found to have been underage and her results nullified.
  • The ridiculous inconsistency in the application of age rules.

The big question

  • If the vault had been set correctly, who would have been on the podium?


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