287: Simone and Maggie Too

Jan 16, 2018 | GymCastic, Podcast




Jessica and Spencer discuss

  • Simone Too
    • Shutting down the ranch and options for an athlete and parent association
    • Karolyi Ranch PTSD is real
  • Maggie Nichols is Athlete A
    • Maggie and her coach Sarah Jantzi reported Nassar to USA Gymnastics in June 2015
    • Complaint states that Steve Penny discouraged her parents from reporting to law enforcement
    • Nassar was allowed to see patients for two years while under criminal investigation by MSU
  • USAG’s awful reaction statement reveals not a web of lies, but a web of stupid
    • We break down USAG’s commitment to “well, actually”-ing the survivors, while simultaneously admitting misdeeds
    • The trouble with Fran. When is an “investigator” actually an “investigator”?
    • USAG claims it did not identify interviewed athletes by name. Really, though?
  • At what point is it time to close down USAG and start over?
  • Geddert
    • In motion to dismiss, he claims Rachael should really be suing her own mom
    • Survivor statements indicate he knew as early as 1997
    • A listener asks why we seem to hate Geddert so much on this show. We explain. Read the details of police investigations into Geddert here.
  • MSU follows suit
  • Marcia Frederick, first US Gymnastics world champion, shares story of abuse
  • Paul Ziert asks who approved the Maroney settlement and where the money came from
  • Live stream of Nassar sentencing trial survivor impact statements watch here

NCAA NEWS (50:00)

Actual gymnastics!

  • The week that vault turned impossible
    • The Maddie Desch vault debacle, explained
    • The difference between elite and NCAA vault rules, and why NCAA is SAFER
    • Why is everyone trying to vault when their steps are off?
    • “Persistedness” — a deep dive
  • Suzanne’s back and she’s already being SO Suzanne
  • Lauren Rice is amazing and life is unfair
  • The triumphant return of CRACK OR CORRECT?
    • Emma McLean’s floor 9.975
    • The beam start-value massacre at the Elevate the Stage quad
    • Would Denelle Pedrick have scored higher for a “name” school?
  • The GymCastic seal of approval goes to Khazia Hislop of UNC for floor (at 1:30:00)
  • Full episode recap here 


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