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287: Simone and Maggie Too




Jessica and Spencer discuss

  • Simone Too
    • Shutting down the ranch and options for an athlete and parent association
    • Karolyi Ranch PTSD is real
  • Maggie Nichols is Athlete A
    • Maggie and her coach Sarah Jantzi reported Nassar to USA Gymnastics in June 2015
    • Complaint states that Steve Penny discouraged her parents from reporting to law enforcement
    • Nassar was allowed to see patients for two years while under criminal investigation by MSU
  • USAG’s awful reaction statement reveals not a web of lies, but a web of stupid
    • We break down USAG’s commitment to “well, actually”-ing the survivors, while simultaneously admitting misdeeds
    • The trouble with Fran. When is an “investigator” actually an “investigator”?
    • USAG claims it did not identify interviewed athletes by name. Really, though?
  • At what point is it time to close down USAG and start over?
  • Geddert
    • In motion to dismiss, he claims Rachael should really be suing her own mom
    • Survivor statements indicate he knew as early as 1997
    • A listener asks why we seem to hate Geddert so much on this show. We explain. Read the details of police investigations into Geddert here.
  • MSU follows suit
  • Marcia Frederick, first US Gymnastics world champion, shares story of abuse
  • Paul Ziert asks who approved the Maroney settlement and where the money came from
  • Live stream of Nassar sentencing trial survivor impact statements watch here

NCAA NEWS (50:00)

Actual gymnastics!

  • The week that vault turned impossible
    • The Maddie Desch vault debacle, explained
    • The difference between elite and NCAA vault rules, and why NCAA is SAFER
    • Why is everyone trying to vault when their steps are off?
    • “Persistedness” — a deep dive
  • Suzanne’s back and she’s already being SO Suzanne
  • Lauren Rice is amazing and life is unfair
  • The triumphant return of CRACK OR CORRECT?
    • Emma McLean’s floor 9.975
    • The beam start-value massacre at the Elevate the Stage quad
    • Would Denelle Pedrick have scored higher for a “name” school?
  • The GymCastic seal of approval goes to Khazia Hislop of UNC for floor (at 1:30:00)
  • Full episode recap here 


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  1. I remember Yamilet Pena Abreu on 2012 vault final like start running and kind of making to steps and stopping, and then going for her sencond attempt, and i thought she didn’t have a didaction for that so is that new in this code of points? And what is the dudication for that?

  2. Another great podcast as usual. I was relieved today to hear that USAG is officially cutting ties with the Karolyi ranch. I still think a lot more needs to happen, but it’s a big first step.

    In retrospect I wonder if this is why USAG declined to purchase the ranch last year. Perhaps they saw the writing on the wall…either way I’m so glad that those girls never have to return there. As Jess said PTSD is very real and these athletes deserve to train in an environment with absolutely no ties to that horrible monster Nassar.

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