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October 19, 2021 - Men's & Women's Qualifications - Submit Questions Here

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Men's & Women's Qualifications

To submit a question before the show you can do it here or e-mail Many times listeners wish to keep their identity private and e-mail is the best way to request that; also, listeners might want to surprise their fellow gym nerds with their stories/questions by having them be read for the first time on the show. This forum is merely another avenue to submit your question/comments... not the only one. To submit a question during the live show, click on the video title, which will take you to YouTube. While the recording is live YouTube has a sidebar with a field to submit questions.

You will be able to watch the show live: coming soon.

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Left-over Qs from day 1:

Do we have more on Warm-up-gate?  Isn't there supposed to be a head coach on the floor?  At Olys, Laurent was supposedly the "head" coach.  Who is it here?  In this instance, no one has more than one athlete on the team...  It sounds as if eMjae's fall probably threw a wrench in the works, but you'd expect experienced coaches to be able to handle that. 

And I guess the puzzle pieces sort of fell into place to learn that Konnor's "setback" was a bout with Covid.  They were being so cagey about a "setback" that it didn't quite make sense to think it was just lost training due to the hand.  Also explains the observed endurance problems and the missed camp.  Has she said anything about it or did her sister just let the cat out of the bag?   

So was Valentina f-ing with us all along about Urazova not doing all-around?  Or did they get here an see how thin the AA field was and decide to put a more experienced horse in the race rather than Minaeva?

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What’s with China’s big puffy coat? Isnt is HOT??

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do the voronin hop
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Am I right in thinking this is the 1st time GB women haven't had an event finalist at World Championships since 2001?

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