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October 22, 2021 - Men's All-Around Final - Submit Questions Here

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Men's All-Around Final

To submit a question before the show you can do it here or e-mail Many times listeners wish to keep their identity private and e-mail is the best way to request that; also, listeners might want to surprise their fellow gym nerds with their stories/questions by having them be read for the first time on the show. This forum is merely another avenue to submit your question/comments... not the only one. To submit a question during the live show, click on the video title, which will take you to YouTube. While the recording is live YouTube has a sidebar with a field to submit questions.

You will be able to watch the show live: coming soon.

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Which male gymnasts do you want to see podium in event finals, feelings-wise? 

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What is with the arena music during the rotation changeover - I feel like I should have been doing mushrooms!

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Hello again! A random but important question: 

- Do you have to pay to use the restrooms in the arena (wasn't that the case in Stuttgart?!) 

- Also, they DID NOT SHOW Yul's PH on the NBC/Olympic Channel feed! Can you give an extensive recap of that routine?