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We have edited our discussion of Jordan’s floor routine story, not Jordan’s quote. Why did we do this? Because there were too many misinterpretations of our discussion online. We have heard from USAG that staff are receiving threats. We find this abhorrent! To be crystal clear: The input Jordan received was not from a person within USAG, which we have confirmed. Jordan said “it wasn’t USA” and “not…USAG”. 

USAG informed us they first learned of the suggested routine change when we shared the clip on the podcast. 

In our commentary following Jordan’s statements, we were not trying to blame anyone indirectly involved. We were attempting to  highlight the lessons from the BLM movement. 

Jordan is very excited about her new routine and we have no doubt she will bring all of herself into the routine when it’s performed. 

We will share more thoughts on our shows Friday’s College & Cocktails and Monday’s episode.

This week Jessica is in Texas for US National Team Camp. We went live (right here, on the page) to get her report from interviews and watching practice. Here’s how to ask questions live. Can’t make it live? Add GymCastic exclusives to your favorite podcast player? Instructions here. Login and the exclusive members feed will appear below.

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National Team Camp

  • Jordan Chiles explains why she was made to change her floor routine last year
  • We discuss basically every move Simone and Suni made, and dive into where Suni’s D score would rank with her new beam mount combination
  • Plus, Shilese Jones showed her layout Jaeger, progress reports on athletes coming back from injury, and which gymnasts are already in full “we’re not going for no city championships” mode
  • Key interview moments with Chellsie and Alicia about artistry and the Olympic selection procedures

College News

  • LSU broke the vaulting table and then program record, Oklahoma tied the NCAA bars record, and we discuss vault direction lines and whether it’s possible to for a 10 to retain its “special” if you can get it every week

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Peter Davis
Gym Nerd
3 months ago

How did Nola do?

Regina Titzl
Gym Nerd
3 months ago

As a European, I love the time, let´s please repeat the breakfast show! 😀

3 months ago

I agree that your fantasy league is… difficult. It would be better if we could choose another two athletes per event in case a regular lineup person pulls out last second (like Chae Campbell this past weekend).

Gym Nerd
3 months ago

It’s awful that Jordan was asked to change her routine. It’s racist and I also understand the reality that it might not be as well received internationally. But maybe it WOULD be embraced! And we’d never know if no one steps up and takes that risk. I think that should be up to Jordan and her coach.

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