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High-Five Lessons: College Season Week 4


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 News Updates

  • The Iowa vs. MSU dance off that reminded us why we love NCAA gymnastics
  • More about New Zealand Olympic eligibility, and clarification on how the US elite committee’s No-Melanies rule applies to other athletes
  • Jessica is heading to national team camp! What are we most looking forward to seeing 5 months out from the Olympic team being named?

College Season—Week 4

  • Big ranking moves from Kentucky and UCLA, and an important Corrupt or Correct about the Chae Campbell 10.000/9.900 split on floor
  • The scoring broke Bart Conner, plus the major problem of where the judges are sitting
  • Big upsets and emotionally devastating injuries defined the week, and Jessica copes by creating the world’s first feet-free beam routine
  • Janelle McDonald’s face suffered the best rogue high five of the week, and there was a heinous scoring graphic that destroyed Spencer’s life
  • Plus, how many presents does Emma Malabuyo deserve after the travel schedule she is attempting next month?

Elite and Gymternet News

  • Gymnastics Australia’s CEO stepped down, Georgia did a Very Serious Balloon Violation,  which made us reminisce fondly over the that time they enjoyed a Broadway show and lost a scholarship the beam layout stepout turned the big 5-0.
  • Plus, your feedback on attending meets in person, best practices for having your teeth knocked out, the scourge of beat jumps and cat leaps, and all this horrible gum chewing!

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Bjørk Helena Sanvig Knudsen
Gym Nerd

As a Danish gymnastics fan. Yes please to Denmark hosting the 2025 world championships. I would soo love to experience a gymnastics meet in person!

Jennifer Roberts
Jennifer Roberts
4 months ago

Haleigh Bryant typically does not Straddle her legs on her preflight on her front pike half.

Alana B
Alana B
2 months ago

I think it’s also so babyish and ridiculous to have the coaches jump up right next to the gymnasts after their routine is over and celebrate right with them. Doesn’t happen in other sports! And it makes the coach somehow just as important as the athlete at the conclusion of the routine. I understand the point about spotting, but elite coaches spot and don’t run up like a hyperactive fan and crowd the gymnast right after his/her routine. There is a way to spot and then make yourself as unobtrusive as possible, and gymnastics coaches should do that. Also, this won’t solve the problem of judging angle all by itself, but it would help!

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