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GymCastic is the No. 1 gymnastics podcast in the world hosted by Jessica O’Beirne and Spencer Barnes. We’ve been doing this every single week, all year long, for over a decade–and we’re just getting started. We were the first media to ever interview Simone Biles, we were McKayla Maroney’s choice to announce her retirement, we helped break the Larry Nassar story (and continue to report on abuse), and during the Rio Olympics CNN said, “The most influential gymnastics coverage comes not from NBC broadcasts, but from the podcast GymCastic.” Most importantly, in addition to the deep analysis, breaking news, interviews, and competition coverage–we want to stress–that our coverage includes heaping layers of comedy. What You’ll Find

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What’s the Club?  The Club is how we fund all the travel we do around the country and world! In return we give our members a ton of extra and exclusive content. In Tokyo we became the first (and only independent podcast) credentialed for the Olympics; and we’ll be back in Paris! Also in 2021 when much of the world was still restricted, GymCastic was the only media organization to cover, in person, the World Championships in Kitakyushu, Japan. This was only possible because of Club Gym Nerd. Sending our team all over the globe gets expensive. As a thanks, we offer exclusive, live podcasts every Friday to club members called Behind the Scenes (noon Pacific). And during NCAA season we change the format to College & Cocktails and record live with club members in the evening after the “meet of the week” has concluded. If club members can’t make it live, no problem. These podcasts can be listened to anytime and you can even subscribe to them in your favorite podcast player. You’re probably thinking, this sounds incredible! How can I join? Click here.

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Plus you get access to exclusive podcasts during major events like NCAA Championships, U.S. Championships, World Championships, Olympics and more.

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Technically Jessica talks to people so that Spencer can work on the spreadsheets.

Hana Ricna

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