Regionals Got Weird

Apr 5, 2021 | GymCastic, Podcast

gymnast vaults then holds up his vaccine card yells get vaccinated

Illinois gymnast Evan Manivong stuck his vault, then whipped his vaccine card out of his singlet and yelled “Go Get Vaccinated!”



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  • NCAA Regionals Recap
    • Who advanced to nationals and who didn’t
    • Is competing back-to-back(-to-back) days unfair to the athletes?
    • LSU survived a challenge from Kentucky and Arizona State. We HAVE to talk about that beam judging.
    • An injury apocalypse and vault balk-pocalypse in the Athens regional final
    • The Case of the Georgia Floor Lines
    • Larissa Libby has no lies about the regionals format, and we discuss Adeline Kenlin’s beam moment
    • Did the correct teams qualify?
    • Of the nine 10.000s this weekend, which one was the 10iest?
  • Plus
    • Evan Manivong’s vaccine card vault
    • MORGANNNNNNN. She spoke at the Stop Asian Hate event in NYC and it was perfect.
    • Tisha Volleman’s beam innovation from the Dutch/Belgian friendly
    • Eythora’s Onodi to illusion
    • Spencer has ADDITIONAL PROBLEMS with the Olympic qualification procedure at Euros
    • Maggie Haney wrote a letter. It was…djkflaksdjflaksdjflk
    • A world medalist writes in about saluting rules





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  1. Namby Pamby

    Hate to rain on the “Morgi for President” parade, but she’s not a “natural born citizen” and therefore cannot ever be eligible (barring a constitutional amendment). Secretary of State, Senator, Congresswoman are all open to her, but not Prez or VP.

  2. TXGymFan

    The coach from Maximum was officially investigated once before for the same issue (I believe he was at another gym then. The finding was that a parent was upset about her daughter’s level placement and made false accusations in retaliation – he was cleared. Someone is probably owed some GIANT apologies. I wonder how many more there are. 🙁

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The little school kids are back in the stands but so quiet today! Everyone was instructed not to yell but they are enthusiastically clapping along to rotation song. They expert the arena to be sold out for finals.