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60: The Second Most Powerful Woman In Gymnastics,Terin Humphrey

gymnast Terin Humphrey

World Champion, two-time Olympic silver medalist,
and two time NCAA Champion, Officer Terin Humphrey.

This week in meet news: Larisa Iordache pulls out both fulls on beam at Elite Gym Massilia but first year British senior, Claudia Fragapane, stole the show; yet another World Champion for the US, as Brandon Krzynefski wins in tumbling; NCAA signing day excitement happened; Catalina Ponor was adorable with her boyfriend for the Gala de Estrellas de Gimnasia series in Mexico.

Around the Gymternet we chat about:  Al Trautwig going semi-postal on a tweeter; Jessica tells her leotard injury story; gymnastics’ answer to Batkid, Faith Falzon, whose wish to  compete in a gymnastics meet came true; video of Simone Biles double double off beam, Aly Raisman training and Jordyn Weiber‘s new release; and a scary new study about a possible carcinogen in pits.

Our lovely guest this week is Terin “I’m a very honest person” Humphrey. Oh, is she ever! She told us about conditions at The Ranch back in the day, what it was like having Courtney McCool as a training partner, surviving the injury plagued 2003 World Championships, why the treatment of alternates should be changed, navigating college recruiting in an inhospitable club environment, how she was informed of her injury-retirement from Alabama, being burnt-out, partying and wanting to be normal, what being the athlete rep for USA Gymnastics entails, how disputes are resolved within the selection committee, the treatment of Brenna Dowell in Antwerp, those infamous GAGE leos, the Code, Memmell‘s petition denial in 2012, sweaty feet on bars; and finally in this round of Gymternet Myth-Busters we find out Miss Humphrey true ethnicity!

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Laurie Gallus
10 years ago

Gymnastics needs creativity. It has become predictable and boring. This doesn’t have to be. Help to change it.
Laurie Gallus

10 years ago

Great interview with Terin! I wish you had asked her about how she came up with her famed turn on beam. I always wonder who decided to see if she could do 2.5-3 turns.

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