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July 22, 2021 - WAG Podium Training BTS - Submit Questions Here

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WAG Podium Training

To submit a question before the show you can do it here or e-mail Many times listeners wish to keep their identity private and e-mail is the best way to request that; also, listeners might want to surprise their fellow gym nerds with their stories/questions by having them be read for the first time on the show. This forum is merely another avenue to submit your question/comments... not the only one. To submit a question during the live show, click on the video title, which will take you to YouTube. While the recording is live YouTube has a sidebar with a field to submit questions.

You will be able to watch the show live: TK

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Germany's WAG alternate was injured. Does that mean they are now without an alternate? Can they replace her?

Can you update on Iordache? I know she's only competing beam, but not sure why?

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Hi, I watched the BTS after MAG podium training. Jessica mentioned that in the village athlete’s don’t room together. That is not true. Some athlete’s did room yours. They are in suites with other athletes from their sport. Within the suite sone are single rooms and others are double room. The suites have snacks, a coffee and tea station etc. Team USA is all in one building. Also, a few  athletes have shown the beds on TikTok. They seem pretty sturdy for cardboard. A pretty clever design. Sounds like they got some choice of mattress and could add a topper as well. There are also extensions for the taller athletes. Nice of the athletes to give us these glimpses. 

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Question left-over from MAG Podium training - what *did* Sam feed Brody?  We've got a meme to explain to future generations of gym nerds.  We rely on Jessica to find out!

Also:  Vault drama?  Sounds like the springboard is under suspicion?  Will it carry over to WAG podium training?

Other than that, the WAG questions mostly boil down to "who has what upgrades?"  Of course, is Simone showing the YDP?  Does Suni have her DLO and 4-pass floor back?   Is Jade trying the triple DLO?


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My mother and I were wondering, in the history books/ when these Olympics are talked about in the future, will they be referred to as the 2020 Olympics or the 2021 Olympics? I've noticed in the arena it says Tokyo 2020.