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July 21, 2021 - MAG Podium Training BTS - Submit Questions Here

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MAG Podium Training

To submit a question before the show you can do it here or e-mail Many times listeners wish to keep their identity private and e-mail is the best way to request that; also, listeners might want to surprise their fellow gym nerds with their stories/questions by having them be read for the first time on the show. This forum is merely another avenue to submit your question/comments... not the only one. To submit a question during the live show, click on the video title, which will take you to YouTube. While the recording is live YouTube has a sidebar with a field to submit questions.

You will be able to watch the show live: here. (8am PDT)

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As a Japanese-American I take issue with this trope of people saying "In Japan they do X" or "In Japan they do Y". It works to further exotify Japanese people and their culture and let's be honest there are weirdos everywhere. Not everyone is marrying stuffed animals and robots in Japan just like not everyone is having super traditional christian weddings in the US. I am certain there is evidence of people marrying inanimate objects in all corners of the world. It makes my blood boil to hear people othering Japanese people in this way and I just had to write in. Other than that love y'all!