280: Comeback Season!

Nov 7, 2017 | GymCastic, Podcast




  • Check out the behind the scenes video from a unicorn of gymnastics, concurrent elite and college gymnast, New Zealand/Boise State’s Courtney McGregor.
  • It’s comeback season!
  • NCAA news
    • Bailie Key is back and beaming for Alabama
    • Madison Kocian had successful labrum surgery
    • Sabrina Schwab has medically retired
    • Maggie Nichols and Kyla Ross are still pulling out new tricks because of badassdom
  • Mixed gender gymnastics
    • Is mixed-gender team competition the future of gymnastics? We discuss the merits of the mixed team format at the Swiss Cup.
    • Kenzo is the greatest uneven bars worker of our day
    • The #manbeamwar is in full swing!
  • Trigger warning section
    • Larry Nassar’s trial will not be moved. Plus, his child porn charges cannot be used in the assault trial. Is this horrible or normal law things?
    • Tatiana Gutsu went on a Russian TV show, spoke about her rape in detail, and was treated horribly. She is the bravest ever.


  • What really happened with the redo vaults in 2000
  • The truth about Raducan and Amanar’s positive tests in 2000, and what we’re going to do about it!
  • Other gymnasts who could potentially “Ray” (perform three eponymous skills in the same routine)
  • Thoughts for making floor exercise less sexist
  • More ideas for how to fix worlds
  • Why we’re wrong for wanting to move worlds out of Doha


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