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277: Post-Worlds Therapy Session




Spencer and Jessica detox from worlds by working through their feelings about

  • Aly Raisman’s book comes out November 14th and is available for preorder. We have many hopes and dreams for it. 
  • The NCAA has fulfilled Greg Marsden’s vision and approved a no-bye postseason and four-team championship
  • Our latest crusade: Why worlds must be moved out of Qatar
  • Our proposals to fix the format of world championships in order to improve the level of competition and condense the length



Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet includes:

  • Russian drama!
    • Seda is in trouble, but Spencer’s not having it
    • Paseka knows about her vault form, YOU GUYS
    • Aliya is skipping her checkup in Germany to go to the national team camp
    • Dalaloyan competed injured in the vault final. Should he have given up his spot to Eddie Penev?
    • We definitely don’t cause any international incidents while discussion the Kabaeva/Putin relationship.
  • International Gymnast magazine is in trouble for what it said about Gabby. 
  • Norway is on the forefront of gender equality, and we have some recommendations for the IOC and FIG. 
  • Samir Ait Said wants to become an MMA fighter. Because of course he does. 
  • High school boys are being barred from joining the women’s gymnastics team and we are NOT having it.
  • Kenzo can do a Mustafina turn. Should he put it in his routine?
  • SafeSport updates about Dominque Moceanu, Mary Lou Retton, Michigan State, Jeena Nilson (a sex offender volunteering at Altius Gymnastics Club in Utah, not the one in WI) and 1992 Olympic Champion, Tatiana Gutsu has accused Vitaly Scherbo of rape.


  • Is having bizarre donut-shaped medals with holes in them really that weird?
  • Excellent proposals for how to integrate robo-judging
  • Do we have a double standard when it comes to calling out racism?
  • Tales of crazy-ass vault runs, plus a gymternet assignment!


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6 years ago

I’m a. It hazy on the details but maybe borrow from soccer. In Europe (UK?) they have a thing where there are different leagues. If you are able to finish the season in the top two you get bumped up to the next league. If you are in the bottom two you get bumped down to a lower league.

I could see this working in gymnastics.

6 years ago

Re: changing the worlds format. I actually really like that we get so many people of different levels at Worlds, and I don’t particularly mind seeing a couple of Tsuk pikes if that is the best gymnast that particular country has. I think that using World Cups or other international competitions gives too much of an unfair advantage to countries with money, who can send their gymnasts to more competitions. Smaller federations might just give up on sending gymnasts. And that makes me sad.

I do think, though, that it is challenging for judges to get the scores and rankings precisely correct when routines vary enormously in level within one session, and various finals contenders are competing on different days. In my mind, the best way to deal with this without requiring countries to stay longer at worlds (i.e. spend more money) is to have seeded qualifying sessions. Countries that made the team finals at the last worlds/olympics all go in the last session, for example. Maybe World Cup placements could qualify you for one of the later sessions. People would complain about this to no end, and it would suck for gymnasts like Nina Derwael who are standouts from less well-known gymnastics countries, but I think it would be the best solution. Then judges would be able to see the contenders for finals in a more condensed period of time and could be more consistent in scoring, and fans/media could skip the first sessions if they don’t want to see lower level routines, but the gymnasts would still be able to go to worlds and compete without additional expenditure.

6 years ago

As someone who speaks a bit of Arabic, the way you pronounced Qatar at about 16:00-17:00 is the correct way lol. I\’ve never heard \”cutter\” the way you are saying it. Just thought I\’d let you know in case you want to look into it more

Nick Mann
Nick Mann
6 years ago

I think the gymnast you are talking about is Chari Knight-Hunter. I believe she was part of the selection panel for the 2000 Olympics.

I had no idea parents were so rude to her when she resumed training. Shame on them!

No name
No name
6 years ago

What if qualifying consisted of a set of compulsory routines. Top x teams qualify to team finals and top x gymnasts qualify for aa where you earned the privilege to do optional routines. As for event finals: scores frm team finals combined with qualifying determine top 8. For specialist top 8 on each not on a team in finals would compose a \”team\” that would rotate in during team finals.

6 years ago

No offense, guys, but I feel like the hearing that you are covering the 2000 women’s all-around might be some of “the most important news ever of all time.” One of the few things that might be better is if you do the team final. I feel like those two events were made especially for Gymcastic!

I know you usually watch the NBC broadcasts for these podcasts, but please, please, please also consider taking a look at the BBC coverage and comparing and contrasting their commentary on THAT apparatus. (You all know what I’m talking about!) Even then, as a naive kid, I felt like NBC was over-the-top dramatic, and watching the BBC’s take many years later, the difference was fascinating. Seventeen years later, it’s so obvious which coverage was live and which was tape-delayed.

6 years ago

You have a spelling mistake: Jeena \’Nelson\’ should be \”Nilson\”. Altius is the family gym in Logan where most of the family has/does work. One of her sons is Josh Nilson who left Utah State for Penn State last year soon after she was re-arrested for working in the family gym.

6 years ago

re: Seda’s comments on Eremina’s medals — obviously the all-around field was super-depleted this year, but is it fair to diminish Eremina’s bar medal? That was a pretty stacked event final.

6 years ago

with all respect, it is not fair to say that comments on jade carey\’s artistry are the same as interpreting a routine\’s difficulty against the code of points. artistry by it\’s very nature (because it is art) has a higher level of subjectivity than difficulty. if you value artistry over difficulty (which it my impression you do), why not just own that? nothing wrong with it, but don\’t claim interpreting artistry is the same as interpreting difficulty.

jade carey, in my opinion, has good potential for artistry. she comes across as somewhat untrained, but surely that can change. she has much nicer lines than someone like mai murakami, who interprets the music in an interesting way, but to my eye, her form when tumbling is awkward.

6 years ago

Laura Martinez from Spain had one of the most bizarre vault runs I’ve ever seen. Very lop-sided and looked like she was being chased by a herd of animals. I’d love to see this compilation video if someone does it!

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