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269: 2017 World Championships Preview




Spencer, Lauren, and Jessica chat about:

  • All the exciting GymCastic goodies you can expect from us at worlds!!!
    • Lots of video clips and video analysis from us starting with PODIUM TRAINING this Friday!
    • A podcast every single day of competition starting with men’s prelims on Monday through finals on Sunday .
    • We might try something else we’ve never done before for Club Members, so if you haven’t made sure you can login and get to the extended version of the Maggie Haney, Aimee Boorman interview, please do so now.
  • How to watch
  • US team selection (7:30)
    • WE GOT VIDEOS FROM SELECTION CAMP!!!! #ScottandRhonda4ever
    • Why a Smith, Hurd, Carey, Locklear team is weird, unexpected, and controversial
    • Why a Smith, Hurd, Carey, Locklear team makes total sense
    • That time Italy looked at the US’s “controversial” selection and said, “Hold my beer…” (18:44)
  • Women’s All-Around (23:53)
    • True or false: It’s Ragan Smith v. Larisa Iordache for the all-around title
    • Who else should we be watching in the medal hunt? (Hint: lots of people)
    • We preemptively award the Longines Prize for Elegance to at least six people (36:16)
  • NEW SKILLS ALERT (41:16)
    • Why it’s extra, extra important to pay attention to Nina Derwael, Georgia-Mae Fenton, Tabea Alt, Cintia Rodriguez, and Aiko Sugihara this year.
  • Event Finals (48:00)
    • The major players on each apparatus
    • Questions we still have heading into the competition
      • Is Paseka…good?
      • Does Ashton Locklear have the execut…BUT HER INBARS
      • Will Nina Derwael make history for Belgium
      • Will Iordache get that giant 6.7 D?
      • Will the floor final be Japan’s time?
    • Our 100% accurate, definite, guaranteed podium predictions
  • The part where we remind you to pay attention to other gymnasts for reasons like being in their 20s or being tall or having a good backstory (1:20:26)
    • This year’s submissions: Jonna Adlerteg, Farah Hussein, and Courtney McGregor
  • Letters to Bogi
    • What the three of us want for Gymnastics Christmas this year. It’s a lot.
  • Men’s competition storylines (1:27:12)
    • Kohei v. Oleg: The Rematch?
    • Is Kenzo becoming a real boy? (i.e. all-arounder?)
    • Samir Ait Said’s return from the Rio leg snap
    • Yul Moldauer bringing the pretty back to USA Gymnastics
    • The Marvin Kimble resurrection
    • The return of Dr. Epke
  • Men’s super-duper exciting skills to watch 
    • TTYs from Artur Dalaloyan and (maybe now) Eddie Penev
    • Sam Mikulak’s possible triple back 1/1 on high bar
    • Whittenburg’s triple pike on rings
    • Hidetaka Miyachi’s MOST AMAZING HIGH BAR EVER and the race for the double twisting layout Kovacs
    • Max Whitlock’s MI6, classified, top top secret new pommel horse skills
  • UMMMMMM, the mascot for worlds?!?!?!?! 


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