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264: 2017 P&G Championships Mega Recap



2017 US Elite National Championships

  • Results, the stick and vault bonus disclaimer, plus E and D winners.  (1:48)
  • Award Ceremony (6:11)
    • The 2017 Jessica O’Beirne Pussilanimouses Will Never Be Heroes Award to Sienna Robinson
    • The Best New Accidental Skill Award to Jordan Chiles
    • The Living Legend Hero Team Captain Award to Aly Raisman
    • The Wrong Answer Award to Nastia Liukin and Tim Daggett
    • The Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Fall Award to Leah Clapper once, and twice
    • The Funniest How I Learned This Skill Award to Emily Gaskins
    • The What Could Possibly Go Wrong Award to John Macready. Again.
  • Women’s junior competition (37:35)
    • Maile O’Keefe is a hit machine with room to upgrade
    • Emma Malabuyo is the real deal in the competition floor and off
    • “THE GAGE JUNIORS” is the new “hello.”
      • Kara Eaker’s 9.250 beam E is the highest non-vault E score of the whole meet
      • Leanne Wong held her L turn position for 88 minutes and it was breathtaking
      • JaFree Scott shows how to Arabian on beam
    • Adeline Kenlin did her Podkopayeva! Or is it a Faux-dkopayeva?
    • Jay Jay Marshall has all the skills and is planning an upgrade revolution
    • Anya Pilgrim’s casual Patterson
    • Gabby Perea has the highest bars D score in the world
    • Olivia Hollingsworth and how to do a double Arabian
    • Fake inbar skills and fake dismounts: an oncoming epidemic?
  • Women’s senior competition (1:04:27)
    • Ragan Smith only won by 3 and a half points. Simone would be so disappointed
    • The Smith Floor Controversy of ’17
      • The problem with using “Dixie”
      • The problem with using wolf whistles
      • Did we like it anyway?
    • Jordan Chiles comes back from Classic with a triumphant second place
    • Riley McCusker hit a lovely 8 for 8 and got third even with downgrades
    • The epic greatness of Trinity Thomas on floor, with a 2.5 stepout, a butterfly, and swashbuckling!
    • Did Morgan Hurd really have a “bad” meet?
    • Marissa Oakley’s phenomenal bars
    • Jade Carey
      • The best she has looked on floor so far this year
      • Did Amanar problems hurt her worlds chances?
    • Ashton Locklear – where does she fit right now?
    • Our WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS dream teams
      • We found the nation of feelings, so that feelings can send a team to worlds
  • Men’s senior competition (1:37:15)
    • The US men’s worlds team is Moldauer, Mikulak, Whittenburg, Penev, Naddour and Kimble
    • Alternates are Modi, Bower, and Van Wicklen
    • And Spencer would like to know what’s the meaning of all this!!!!
    • Jessica has the inside scoop from Brett McClure on his process
    • Our highlights

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6 years ago

Didnt Dominique Moceanu get extra bonus in her aa bars routine at the 98 GoodWill Games after she went over on her pak toe on half and did a full instead?

6 years ago

My random, completely baseless opinion on the men\’s selection is that the selection committee feels that the high bar field this year is more open than p bars and perhaps also that high bar is more of a crapshoot because some people always randomly fall on giant crazy releases. Akash\’s p-bars is better than Kimble\’s high bar, but the international p-bars field is super stacked and it seems less likely than an American could break into the medals. Probably can\’t on high bar either, but overall hit percentage is lower on high bar so anything could happen. Sam + Marvin gives them two chances to sneak in there if others make mistakes — mistakes which are less likely to happen on p-bars.

But I could also be completely wrong about this.

6 years ago

USA gymnastics has made a few changes. Coaches have to take a new class in regards to the sexual abuse and new rules are being implemented like not being allowed to be alone with an athlete in the gym, etc. In addition, I do not think Nastia\’s answer was wrong if she was just telling the truth from her perspective and one cannot fault her for that.

6 years ago

While you were talking about Ragan, it made me remember that Amy Chow had also done a floor routine to \”Dixie\” in 1996. I love Amy Chow, and she is one of my favorite gymnasts ever. I love her even more for going on to become a pediatrician etc. However, this did happen.

6 years ago

I love you guys, but/and, you really let Simone off the hook way too easy. SAYING you support Aly is not the same as ACTUALLY SUPPORTING HER. (And it isn\’t even about Aly…it\’s about cleaning up an organization that literally handed children to a pedphile unsupervised, then paid the ceo a million dollars plus to go away.)

Simone\’s response masterfully shifted the focus into a marketing soundbyte for the closeness of The Final Five*. It was clearly manufactured, and wholly UNsupportive of the cause.

Lame Simone. Lame.

6 years ago

I think we should give Jade a little bit of a break re the going last on floor then first on vault situation. Even during the olympic quals last summer, they switched around the floor order so Simone would have more time before going to vault/vault warmup just to be safe! (so I guessing her fatigue was still at least a minor concern even at that point!)

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