264: 2017 P&G Championships Mega Recap

Aug 22, 2017 | GymCastic, Podcast



2017 US Elite National Championships

  • Results, the stick and vault bonus disclaimer, plus E and D winners.  (1:48)
  • Award Ceremony (6:11)
    • The 2017 Jessica O’Beirne Pussilanimouses Will Never Be Heroes Award to Sienna Robinson
    • The Best New Accidental Skill Award to Jordan Chiles
    • The Living Legend Hero Team Captain Award to Aly Raisman
    • The Wrong Answer Award to Nastia Liukin and Tim Daggett
    • The Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Fall Award to Leah Clapper once, and twice
    • The Funniest How I Learned This Skill Award to Emily Gaskins
    • The What Could Possibly Go Wrong Award to John Macready. Again.
  • Women’s junior competition (37:35)
    • Maile O’Keefe is a hit machine with room to upgrade
    • Emma Malabuyo is the real deal in the competition floor and off
    • “THE GAGE JUNIORS” is the new “hello.”
      • Kara Eaker’s 9.250 beam E is the highest non-vault E score of the whole meet
      • Leanne Wong held her L turn position for 88 minutes and it was breathtaking
      • JaFree Scott shows how to Arabian on beam
    • Adeline Kenlin did her Podkopayeva! Or is it a Faux-dkopayeva?
    • Jay Jay Marshall has all the skills and is planning an upgrade revolution
    • Anya Pilgrim’s casual Patterson
    • Gabby Perea has the highest bars D score in the world
    • Olivia Hollingsworth and how to do a double Arabian
    • Fake inbar skills and fake dismounts: an oncoming epidemic?
  • Women’s senior competition (1:04:27)
    • Ragan Smith only won by 3 and a half points. Simone would be so disappointed
    • The Smith Floor Controversy of ’17
      • The problem with using “Dixie”
      • The problem with using wolf whistles
      • Did we like it anyway?
    • Jordan Chiles comes back from Classic with a triumphant second place
    • Riley McCusker hit a lovely 8 for 8 and got third even with downgrades
    • The epic greatness of Trinity Thomas on floor, with a 2.5 stepout, a butterfly, and swashbuckling!
    • Did Morgan Hurd really have a “bad” meet?
    • Marissa Oakley’s phenomenal bars
    • Jade Carey
      • The best she has looked on floor so far this year
      • Did Amanar problems hurt her worlds chances?
    • Ashton Locklear – where does she fit right now?
    • Our WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS dream teams
      • We found the nation of feelings, so that feelings can send a team to worlds
  • Men’s senior competition (1:37:15)
    • The US men’s worlds team is Moldauer, Mikulak, Whittenburg, Penev, Naddour and Kimble
    • Alternates are Modi, Bower, and Van Wicklen
    • And Spencer would like to know what’s the meaning of all this!!!!
    • Jessica has the inside scoop from Brett McClure on his process
    • Our highlights

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