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259: The Nassar Plea, Parkour Responds to FIG, and Ranch Updates!


IN THE NEWS (6:37)

  •  Jessica speaks with John Manly of Manly, Stewart, & Finaldi, who represents Olympic and world medalists in the cases against Larry Nassar and USAG, about
    • The offered to Larry Nassar last week
    • The mistakes made in communicating with victims about the deal
    • Who the real bad guys are here
    • How settlement agreements can be used to change a culture and make an organization safer

MEET NEWS (19:24)

Jessica and Spencer chat about :

  • American Classic
    • Jade Carey’s star turn (that no one has seen)
    • Margzetta Frazier’s new Amanar
    • The triumphant returns of Elena Arenas and Deanne Soza
  • National Team Camp
    • Jordan Chiles is back, and it’s going to be spectacular
    • Sunisa Lee did not attend but gave us an apology Nabieva.
  • How to watch the U.S. (no longer Secret) Classic on July 29th.
  • Men’s National Qualifier
    • Sam Mikulak returns on pommel horse, exactly five months after tearing Achilles
    • Marvin Kimble wins the AA! Cue [hitting pommel horse joy-scream]!
  • Spanish Championship
  • Swedish Championship
    • Marcela Torres, 28, hadn’t competed since early 2016, came back to win her third-straight national title
  • Central American Sports Festival
    • Her floor is the most important thing in your life and ranks among the best in the world.
    • But, Cuba isn’t registered for worlds. NOOOOOO.


  • The NCAA gymnastics committee has approved a format change that makes almost everything better! (But it’s not final yet.) 
  • Amy Smith is the new head coach at Utah State! She appeared on Episode 237 to talk about UNC’s Pride meet. 
  • Olivia Cimpian has left Romania and is now training in Hungary. 
  • Tatiana Nabieva intends to return in December, and compete “until I die.” Spencer has some plans for her triumphant return.
  • A British gymnastics coach is being questioned by police for child cruelty and has now been suspended by BG.


  • Jessica speaks with founders David Thompson and Victor Bevine of the International Parkour Federation and WFPF about the FIG’s attempts to take over jurisdiction of parkour and why they went to Switzerland to fight it.
    • The history of parkour: It involves hot Frenchmen called the Yamakasi
    • The Ultimate Parkour Challenge show on MTV
    • How parkour competition works.
    • PK Silver, Parkour for seniors.
    • Parkour coach Certification 
    • Find our more about adding Parkour to your gym at USAG Congress in Anaheim here.
    • Have insurance worries? USAParkour has you covered.
    • Find a gym with Parkour in the database.


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7 years ago

The Swedish gymnast going to Worlds is Jonna Adlerteg! She\’s expected to return to competition soon (bars only). We should see her at a couple of Challenge Cups in September.

Marcela Torres isn\’t even on the National Team. Though I guess she will be added now if she\’s serious about continuing.

Currently there are just three seniors on the Swedish National Team. Adlerteg, Emma Larsson (injured), and Nicole Wanström (injured?)….

7 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Thank you! Wondered about Adlerteg since she’s been so amazing on bars but coming back from injury.

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