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243: Senate Bill 534

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In the news, Uncle Tim, Spencer and Jessica chat about:

  • The American Cup & Nastia Cup:
    • Our favorite routines of the weekend from Yul Moldauer and Colbi Flory’s beam to Sam Oldham floor
    • The Bart Deurloo Story – crotch vs  pommel horse
    • Elite Code trends e.g., Dos Santos no pause before acro skill on beam, front tumbling and wolf turns-in-a-row-hell
    • Which was better: American Cup, Nastia Cup or any NCAA meet
    • Ignorant things Al Trautwig said
    • The Nastia Interview about Nassar
  • NCAA Update (43:10)
    • Highlights and DII/III teams beating DI teams, Cal’s bar dismounts
    • Spencer explains why George Washington is the hipster gymnastics team
    • Eye Roll of the Week Award
    • Crack or Correct : Ohashi’s 10 on beam and Gnat vs. McMurtry vault, Rachel Schick beam


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include:

  • Aly Raisman’s coach, Mihai Brestyan, is the new Australian national team coach.
  • Romanian, Swedish, Canadian and Russian news
  • Simone Biles broke her rib on the post-Olympic tour but didn’t get a diagnosis for two and a half weeks!
  • USA Gymnastics Sexual Abuse Investigation:
    • LEGISLATION: Senator Diane Feinstein introduced her bill (S534), read the text of the bill here and her press release here.
    • Call your representative (find them here) to thank or tell them to pass this bill! 
    • To support the victims use hashtag #GymJaneDoe
      • A judge released 5,600 pages of court records detailing how USAGym handled sexual abuse allegations over 10 years
      • Allow a convicted sex offender to keep his membership? A USA Gymnastics regional chairman supported that 
      • Here’s USAGym’s statement on the decision to release 54 administrative files related to sexual misconduct 
      • “The coach is as much a member as the athlete,” President Steve Penny testified in records re: sex abuse 
      • The unsealed documents include emails from USA Gymnastics to coaches, FBI Interviews, and more
    • Feedback:
      • Why was the FBI so slow to investigate Larry Nassar?
      • Letter from a transgender gymnast
      • Defamation vs. banning abusers


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Jennifer Lambs
Jennifer Lambs
7 years ago

Sorry guys (I love the podcast) but I have to disagree with you about the SEC and the regular season championship that went to LSU. To say this is an “eye roll” is kind of a slap in the face. Most conferences award regular season championships in football, basketball, track, and baseball. I think having a regular season championship makes the gymnasts want to win more. The regular season championship gives the regular season more meaning and the gymnasts something to work for. I have watched almost every SEC meet this season, and to see LSU’s gymnasts glow with pride made my heart melt. I was so proud of them. So don’t take their moment in the sun. They clearly worked hard all year and deserve praise as such.

7 years ago

I could watch that gif all day. It\’s magical.

Disgruntled Men\'s Fan
Disgruntled Men\'s Fan
7 years ago

Which was better? American Cup, Nastia Cup, or any NCAA meet? How about the neglected meet in the SAME VENUE on the SAME day as the American Cup, and part of the \”Triple Cup\” in the Prudential Center this weekend? The Elite Team Cup was the best of all three meets that weekend…especially if you are a men\’s gymnastics fan. Instead of watching Bart and his groin malfunction…. we had some of the countries best up and coming male gymnastics KILLING it in front of a non-existent crowd. It is shameful that once again this meet was under-hyped, under-attended, and under-reported.


7 years ago

anyone else remember Al\’s racist attempt at a sob-story about Simone\’s childhood and adoption during P&Gs this past summer? essentially it just heavily overplayed the fact that her birth mother had issues with alcohol and drug abuse and she was adopted by her grandparents who COULD NEVER, EVER be considered her parents at all oh no heaven forbid and this story basically reinforced -or at least tried to-almost every modern stereotype about black people and when it boils down to it the whole moral of the story is that it\’s an outright miracle that someone like Simone(a woman who is NOT white and spent a lot of her early childhood in foster care) can grow up to live in a stable and loving home with parents who also are NOT white, not to mention become one of the best gymnasts in all of history ever. So one would believe that Al, a well beyond middle-aged man with some kind of experience with people and the public, would just stop himself there, right? Nope. He just dumped a whole can of fuel onto the absolute dumpster fire that is already pretty much his entire being. Obviously, because people in the world have common sense and actual morality, did not just let his shitty little anecdote slide so good ol\’ Al naturally received some backlash on Twitter for it, as was well deserved. People were correcting him that Simone\’s grandparents are just her parents and Al continued to argue until his grave that no, they are just her grandparents and no matter what anyone or any actual, real information says, Simone\’s parents can never even be called just her parents and it is such a hanus and outrageous thing to do so which, naturally, left another massive dent into the giant car wreck that is already Al Trautwig. I think at this point one of Simone\’s dogs would be a better commentator than him.

7 years ago

I also just received a notification from the TeamStream app saying that \”U.S. Olympic officials say USA Gymnastics CEO must resign amid sex abuse scandal.\” I\’m so happy to finally be seeing something major happening in USAG about these crimes but I\’m also very ashamed that it\’s taken so long and it had to be done by an outside party and no one within the actual organization itself was truly taking any action about it. Hopefully the USOC, law enforcement and USAG itself will continue to take more steps in putting the disgusting perps justice and ending sexual abuse in USA Gymnastics once and for all but in the meantime, adios Steve Penny!

7 years ago

I was at American Cup, so I thought I’d share a bit of my experience to go along with your discussions. The venue was definitely much too large for a post-Olympic year. There were a fair amount of people there, but I don’t think they could have come close to filling it. They also ended up closing off all of the upper level seats (where my ticket was) and moving everyone down closer to the floor. This was great for me since I had bought a cheaper ticket and ended up with amazing seats, but it must have been very annoying for people who paid full price. The prices were also INSANE. I think the venue and price combo really turned people away. (And on a side note, I couldn’t believe Steve Penny was there!! I didn’t seem him present anything or speak publicly like he normally would, though.) I’ve been to a number of American Cups recently, and this one also seemed super disorganized. At the end they had some of the routines going at the same time, which was distracting and unnecessary with such a small field.

I also saw a lot of talk online about Riley’s BB fall, and I was interested to hear your take! I agree that it actually didn’t look quite as bad as it could have been. Right after it happened I told my husband she was lucky she fell on her back instead of her head since she could have easily landed differently. Also, I know some people criticized Maggie’s reaction online, but she had been standing more in the middle of the beam and farther from the podium during the routine, but she moved very, very quickly right to the edge of the podium during the fall. So fast that I didn’t even see her moving, but there she was! I thought she reacted well and did a good job of assessing her gymnast’s reaction before doing anything more. They did leave the venue for quite some time afterward as well, so hopefully Riley received the medical attention she needed.

Mike C.
Mike C.
7 years ago

I agree with you, Gymnastic Crew, that Yul Moldauer really impressed me at the American Cup. I hope he stays healthy, upgrades on difficulty, and becomes a future star. I’m wondering what the Gymnastic Crew thought of Oleg Vernaiev’s p-bars score? I’m still scratching my head over that one. He hit the bar twice, once really badly, and had other form deductions, yet he scored over 15. I know Oleg’s difficulty is very high, but still, for that rough a routine to score a 15+, which this early in the quad is a big score, didn’t seem accurate. But then again, Oleg’s high bar score seemed low, didn’t you think? Oh well, another quad of trying to figure out the international judges’ scores. Fun!

Mike C.
Mike C.
7 years ago
Reply to  Mike C.

It should say “GymCastic Crew,” not Gymnastic Crew. Stupid auto-correct! Anyway GymCASTIC Crew, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my questions about Oleg’s two routines. Thanks!

7 years ago

anyone i feel sad i watch that gif

Ali S
7 years ago

NBC needs to stop using Al Trautwig. His usual job is commentating pregame and between hockey periods and he is just as shitty there are he is on gymnastics and that is his daily bread and butter. If they want some good gymnastics outsiders there are plenty of other people on MSG Network alone that would be great because they care about sports and the athletes that play them and are also *gasp* not racist.

Can we start a Fire Al hashtag lol

7 years ago

Thank you so much for reading my email on the air, you guys. It totally made my life, and, for the love of Chuso, I can now die happy! I accept Spencer\’s explanation of GW\’s hipster-ness and enthusiastically agree. I am now in love with both GW and Yale, and will continue seeking new members of the All-Hipster team. Anyway, with all the hugely important, heavy topics to discuss in gymnastics right now, I appreciate the mention on my favorite podcast. XO

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