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226: FIG Regime Change




In the news, Uncle Tim; Spencer; Jessicaand special guest, Charlie Burrows, acrobatic talent scout for Cirque du Soleil joins us to chat about:

  • Romanian juniors are scoring 56’s:
    • Junior national champion, Olivia Cimpian scored a 56.700
    • We kind of love Miss Galota’s throwback Geza Pozar floor routine
    • Andrea Raducan got married! 
  • British Gymnastics news:
    • Georgia May Fenton and Tyesha Mattis are back from injury. 
    • Georgia’s bar routine shows shades of Tweddle level potential. 
    • Kelly Simm’s beam mount is the kind of mount we long for elites to do! 
    • Louis Smith and Luke Carson did something dumb and may be punished or not. (35:00)
  • Charlie tells us what’s new with Cirque:
    • Casting is happening and they are looking for gymnasts
    • Charlie’s most embarrassing moments on stage
    • His trip to the Japanese Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
    • Recruiting in Japan: slippers and bowing and mis-translations
    • Can retired gymnasts make successful returns to Cirque? The case of Imogen Cairns
    • Would Charlie recruit Laurie Hernandez?
    • We improve Simone’s Music Video  by creating our own scenarios for her. (18:30)
    • Charlie explains how trampoline and tumbling have already solved artistic gymnastics Execution vs Difficulty scoring problem.  (53:30)
    • Words of wisdom for anyone considering applying for Cirque du Soleil.
  • FIG Regime Change (41:33)
    • Reviewing the changes made and guffaws of Bruno Grandi.
    • Changes made at the FIG convention and the new Women’s Technical Committee Chair (hint, it’s NOT Nellie Kim). 
    • What will the first ever, non-European President, Morinari Watanabe (JPN)
    • Rumors about the future of gymnastics in the Olympics Games.  
    • Why business and gymnastics are a perfect match. 
  • Feedback (58:39)
    • Kim Gwan Suk’s teeth have been found.
    • Who really won 1992 Olympics Trials, Shannon Miller or Kim Zmeskal? 
  • Update on the USA Gymnastics Sex Abuse Cover-Up Investigation by the Indianapolis Star
    • In 2011, 19 former elite gymnasts endorsed an overhaul of the USA Gymnastics sexual misconduct guidelines, including three-time Olympian Dominique Dawes. Read details here
    • In 2008, ESPN pointed out the flaws in the USAGym’s rules and reporting policies in an E60 called Violated.



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