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210: Women’s Podium Training at the Rio Olympic Games



In the news, Uncle Tim, Spencer and Jessica chat about:

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  • How to watch live on BBC, CBC or NBC (details here).
  • INDYSTAR Expose: How USA Gymnastics protected coaches over kids
    • “IndyStar tracked down four cases in which USA Gymnastics was warned of suspected abuse by coaches but did not initiate a report to authorities. Those coaches went on, according to police and court records, to abuse at least 14 underage gymnasts after the warnings.”
    • Episode 56: Preventing Abuse in Gymnastics
    • 163: ENOUGH Marvin Sharp accused of sexual abuse.
    • We created #GymUnsafe
      • Because the USA Gymnastics system is wildly inadequate, we created a spreadsheet to track coaches who make the news for suspected abuse–filling the gap between the time coaches are investigated and subsequently banned or exonerated. For example, USAG permanently ineligible member, Zac Lawson, has opened a new gym.
  • Skills Highlights:
    • Ponor, Mustafina, Hong Un Jong, Paseka, Shang Chunsong, Chusovitina, Team Brazil and Larisa Iordache finds a gym, finally.
  • Team USA Podium Training
    • The all-around spot is between Laurie and Aly and will be decided tonight, BUT based on today’s podium training, what could one conclude?
      • FX: Gabby, Laurie, Simone, Aly
      • VT: Laurie, Gabby, Aly, Simone
      • UB: Aly, Simone, Gabby, Maddy
      • BB: Gabby, Aly, Laurie, Simone
    • Maggie Haney is as upset about it as Jessica is.
  • Our favorite off-the-cuff comments from the arena, equipment “decorations,” fashion news, and reality of living in Rio.


Round-up of the latest news from Rio includes:

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7 years ago

A lot of people are saying that Laurie has been second to Simone all year and that isn\’t true. Aly was second to Simone at Pac Rims and at Nationals. Laurie was only second to Simone once this year, at Trials. Yes Laurie is amazing but I don\’t understand why everyone is so shocked. This result was pretty obvious. The first year senior almost always gets the shortest end of the stick unfortunately.

7 years ago
Reply to  Gio

Why is written like Aly is taking Laurie’s spot? Actually in truth Aly and Laurie have been tied for second AA all of 2016 behind Simone in the US — it’s Gabby that’s taking a spot she hasn’t earned in 2016.

Yes Gabby is good. Yes she won AA titles in 2015, but you can also point to the fact Weiber was the 2011 AA World Champ yet throughout 2012 her gymnastics were on a downward turn as Gabby rose and Aly maintained and peeked in London.

7 years ago

A big thank you to Gymcastic for addressing the topic of sexual abuse in gymnastics.

I just wanted to offer another opinion on the debate about whether the timing is appropriate to talk about this issue. I think that the sentiment of “let’s not ruin the olympics with this uncomfortable topic” is a position of privilege. It’s the privilege of folks who have not experienced abuse to be able to look the other way and say, “I don’t feel like addressing this now.” Victims of abuse don’t usually have this privilege–its an ever-present reality that this happened or is happening. What about the victims who had dreams of making it to the Olympics themselves, but their path was possibly derailed by the traumatic impact of sexual abuse? That story is also an Olympic story, a voice that needs to be heard.

7 years ago
Reply to  Erin


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