222: New King

Sep 21, 2016 | GymCastic, Podcast




In the news, Uncle TimSpencer, and Jessica chat about:

  • 1988 Olympic Champion and WOGA genius, Valerie Liukin has officialy been named “The New Marta”
  • Fuzzy Bears broke into the World Anti-Doping Agency and tried to get US gymnasts busted fooooor nothing.
  • Alexi Nemov’s Gymnastics Legends show in Moscow
  • All the gymternet news
  • Judge Ricky’s Top 10 most dynamic floor routines from Rio… a countdown. (44:45)

In light of the allegations against Dr. Larry Nassar, we wanted to know what was appropriate and inappropriate protocol for intravaginal therapy. We asked Doctor of Physical Therapy, Stephanie Fournier, a board certified women’s clinical health specialist. She discusses (29:20):

  • Appropriate protocol before and during a pelvic floor exam and treatment for a minor
  • If leaking or peeing a little when you tumble is really a big deal? (hint…YES!)
  • What can pelvic floor disfunction in girls lead to in adulthood (hint… run to your physical therapist immediately for treatment)
  • For adult gymnasts, is incontinence after childbirth a permanent condition, just something they have to live with?  (hint…NO!)
  • How to find a pessary to wear during exercise. This can be a temporary solution to prevent embarrassing moments at gym while you work on your vaginal fitness with a trained therapist. 


Find a physical therapist in your area, trained to treat pelvic floor issues. Search for incontinence or pelvic under Women’s Health.

Pessary (a tampon-like thingy that stops you from tinkling when you tumble or jump)


GymnastCare has a “What if I Leak When I Tumble” episode geared specifically for gymnasts to listen to. 

Louisiana gyms underwater – https://www.gofundme.com/2kmmptw

Chalk it Up Movie is on iTunes!

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