240: Chalkography

Peng Peng Lee 10 on bars 2017
Peng Peng got a 10! Photo courtesy of UCLA.
Peng Peng Lee 10 on bars 2017
Peng Peng got a 10! Photo courtesy of UCLA.



In the news, Uncle Tim, Spencer, and Jessica chat about:

  • Hall of 10’s 
    • Alex McMurtry scored a 10 on UB  
    • Madison Kocian scored a 10.0 on UB
    • Peng Peng Lee *finally* scored a 10.0 on UB
    • Maggie Nichols 10.00 on FX 
  • Gymnastics theme meets we want to see:
    • GymKata, Sean Melton-themed, Screw Elite Gymnastics theme, Judges Appreciation theme, Save the Tatas Education with live demonstrations.
  • Funniest (only because she is ok) vault crash we’ve ever seen
  • Morgan Lane ranked 4th now on BB 9.950 
  • What constitutes over celebrating on the mat in NCAA?
  • Why Kyla Ross changed her floor routine
  • Crack or Correct: The Most Controversial Scores of the Week
    • One judge gave Katelyn Ohashi a 10 for this beam routine
    • One judge gave Rachel Slocum a 10 for this vault
    • One judge gave Kyla Ross a 10 for this bar routine
  • The end of Chalkography? New rule .02 deduction for “excessive chalk” in NCAA
  •  Men’s NCAA Gymnastics update
  • New men’s national team qualifying rules at Winter Cup that make Jessica rage


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include:

  • Olga Korbut auctioning off all of her medals
  • Ysenia Ferrera has returned to the Cuban National Team! 
  • Gymnast Anthony Wise gets back on the horse after three-year layoff + battle with anorexia 
  • Wendy Hillard says she was left off World Team for being black
  • Should USAG drop Under Armour for Nike?
  • Brazilian Federation in hot water after financial irregularities
  • Why do so many Russian team members have kidney stones?
  • Chuso punch front mount to immediate punch front on beam
  • Ponor is doing Onodi + Aerial walkover + Double turn #BDSMwithCata
  • USA Gymnastics MSU Sexual Misconduct Investigation:
    • Interview with one of the accusers from the 90’s, “So many different people shoved it under the rug.”
    • 12 unanswered questions about the Larry Nassar sex-abuse scandal 
    • Trying to keep track of all the accusations? M Live has helpful interactive map


  • A terrified coach asks what to do when told to ignore written safety protocols on her first day.
  • A report on the new Women’s Technical Committee President, Donatella Sacchi had to say at Nick Ruddick’s Gymnastics Conference
  • How do adult gymnasts support their chests to compete in backless leotards?
    • See tutorial on taping boobs for backless leotards here
  • A letter from an MSU cheer team member who alleges that her team was punished for reporting abuse with the support of Larry Nassar.


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January 2017


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5 years ago

Just wanted to mention that breast self exams are NOT currently recommended by any major medical society. I know watching sports events (thinking more NFL than NCAA gymnastics here) would convince you otherwise, but FYI. It’s still a good cause and all, that’s just not what is being supported.

5 years ago

It’s DAVID Belyavskiy not Dmitri, sorry if this looks super direct I’m just a very passionate gymfan who hates when people butcher gymnasts names lol

5 years ago

If I do nothing else in life I made Uncle Tim say, \”I have had boobs for 26 years\”!

And when I realized he was reading my email, I got so excited, I accidentally smacked myself in the face while trying to gesture to my husband. And then he continued…..from boobs to butt.

5 years ago

Can I get a citation for the BSGU theme meet? I can’t find it, and I want to share it

5 years ago

I don’t know if this is just a British thing but whenever I compete I wear leotard glue and so do most gymnasts I know