239: Elite Canada, Reykjavik & NCAA

lizzy leduc happy bars salute
Lizzy Leduc (Illinois) Photo by Craig Pressman/Illinois Athletics
lizzy leduc happy bars salute
Lizzy LeDuc (Illinois) Photo by Craig Pressman/Illinois Athletics



In the news Spencer, Lauren, and Jessica chat about:

  • Quiz: World, Olympic and National Team Members in the NCAA (sexy data here
  •  Elite Canada (6:20)
    • Junior Ana Padurariu swept and beat the seniors scores (bars, beam featuring the back dive mount) 
  • The Reykjavik International 2017 videos here (11:00)
  • NCAA (19:40)
    • Kiana Winston joins the 10.0 Club on floor, but then drinks water
    • Ebee would have joined if there were justice in the world
    • Lizzy Leduc is becoming a star at Illinois (9.950 BB)
    • Brianna Comport is throwback perfection front tumbling goddess
  • Crack or Correct
    • Britney Ward (Missouri) absolutely robbed of a 10 on this vault
    • Mia Hambrick (LSU) SAME
    • Kyrstin Hoffa (UW) floor  demonstration mastery and amplitude on every single skill 


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include (39:00):

  • Trampoline champion Pam Clark slams British Gymnastics 
  • Why Russia keeps pregnant athletes on the national team (hint, human rights!)
  • Anatomy Of Athletes, will feature Vanessa Ferrari
  • Sofia Hults: Delivering the floor exercise realness that you need right now 
  • Aja Sims weiler to comaneci salto 
  • USAG Sexual Abuse Investigation Update (54:00)
      • Texas Rangers went to Karolyi Ranch for sex abuse case
      • SCATS:
        • National team members sue Don Peters and Nassar for sexual misconduct and abuse
        • Orange County Register journalist Scott Reid’s investigation revealed that SCATS has violated USAG’s policy against banned members at USAG clubs. 
      • Nassar:
        • Nassar medical license suspended
        • John Geddert sued for allegedly failing to protect his gymnasts from sexual abuse.
        • A gymnast tried to report Nassar as early as 1997
        • Police questioned Nassar about his conduct in 2004
        • MSU athletes ordered to not talk about Nassar
        • “If those allegations are true, MSU may be obstructing justice, which is a crime.” 
        • Current MSU head coach, Kathie Klages accused of failing to report and intimidating, alleged Nassar victim
        • MSU coach suggests Nassar treatments were legitimate and he was framed
  • FEEDBACK (1:03:24):
    • McKenna Kelly’s vault injury
    • Mom causes blackout during meet
    • What’s Ashton Locklear up to now
    • Leotard sizes and fit
    • Inauguration-themed floor routine
    • Instant replay in NCAA
    • Routine judging receipts
    • Award ceremony straddle conga lines


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5 years ago

There were 2 trampoline gymnasts for GB there was Kat Driscoll aswell

5 years ago

On Ward\’s vault, she didn\’t click her heals together. That could be the reason for a lack of a 10. Last time I was in a judge\’s meeting, they harped on that before giving the 10!

5 years ago

Thanks for the voice shout out. There is 10 Canadian World/Olympic team members currently competing in NCAA, but there is waaaaay more then 10. Oregon has 5, MSU has 4, Georgia has 3. Lauren, you killed saying Ana’s last name! Always a tough one!

5 years ago

Agree with your comments about the Washington Huskies. I\’ve been so impressed with their progress this year. Their routines aren\’t the most difficult, but they are consistently showing beautiful form and artistry. And sticking landings! Not something they have been known for in the past….Elise Ray is doing an amazing job with her team, but doing it quietly and (intentionally?) outside the limelight. There seems to be a strong subjective component to judging that rewards the gymnasts and teams who have superior promotion and an identifiable \”brand\”. Let\’s see if Washington can break through that barrier and start to receive the scores they deserve.

5 years ago

T-shirt idea: \”Be More like Elise Ray\”

Katie K
Katie K
5 years ago

Brianna Comport also has contemporary Vera hairstyle! Love it.

PS, I’m thinking Musty was a shotgun wedding – that was an awfully fast, unexpected wedding and timeline. Scandal!