245: Steve Penny is GONE

Mar 21, 2017 | GymCastic, Podcast

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In the news, Spencer and Jessica chat about:

  • USA Gymnastics President has resigned after the USOC called for his ouster
    • Why this is not the time to move on because nothing has changed
    • Three things that still need to be done to prevent abuse at USA Gymnastics
    • USAG still going to do their own policing on non-sexual abuse misconduct and crimes. SafeSport only investigating sexual assaults. 
  • NCAA Conference Championships (13:59)
    • Regionals (38:30)
    • Skinner’s “snub”/character counts (35:15)
  • Stuttgart World Cup (42:30)
    • Results
    • Tabea Alt wins, layout to two feet BB mount
    • Eythora Thorsdottir’s  floor save
    • We almost start a Morgan Hurd podcast (47:32)
      • Watch Morgiboo’s beam dismount; double double FX with pointed toes and legs together!
  • Baku World Cup (54:55)
    • Results
    • The crazy lighting problems – what Shang Chunsong compete in the dark here
    • Diana Varinska single-handedly saves Ukrainian gymnastics with this UB
    • Oksana Chusovitina winning all the things because, Chuso
    • Catalina Ponor had a very Romanian  floor day
    • This is basically the Vasiliki Millousi BB code
  • Crack or Correct: The Most Controversial Scores from Baku, NCAA, Stuttgart (1:03:51):
    • Tabea Alt’s bar judges’ score vs. Eythora and Pauline Schaefer
    • Judges gave Maddie Stover a mathematically impossible beam score.


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include (1:10:42):

  • Oleg Stepko has gone to Ukraine for personal reasons
  • Interview with new Australian WAG National Coach, Mihai Brestyan
  • Geza Pozsar is working with Japanese gymnast Aiko Sugihara on her floor and beam routines
  • Ellie Downie is working a Cheng!
  • “This was the best decision for me and it’s a more positive environment too”Amy Tinkler on switching gyms
  • Average Human-Sized Gymnasts (AKA tall for gymnastics):
    • Leo Genders (Army) watch video of six-foot-one-inch-tall gymnast. 
    • 5’9″ gymnast Becky Rozsa of the SUU Flippin Birds
  • FEEDBACK (1:24:24):
    • Razor burn cure
    • Regular season champions are awesome!
    • Ireland: “I think basic safe guarding and child protection was one of the most valuable couple of hours I have ever put into my career as a coach”
    • Why no “good countries” at American Cup?


USA Gymnastics Sexual Abuse Investigation

  • NY TIMES “Ex-Gymnastics Chief’s Career: Swift Success Marred by Years of Scandal”
  • Nasser accused of performing vaginal acupuncture on MSU gymnast
  • A 20-year toll: 368 gymnasts allege sexual exploitation
  • 78 women or girls suing MSU and Nassar in federal court and a California state court. Five other lawsuits name Nassar and USA Gymnastics
  • “This is the first step of many that need to occur.” – Dominique Moceanu
  • Former gymnast Jeanette Antolin wants sponsors to pressure USA Gymnastics to make changes to combat sex abuse
  • FAQ: What to know about the sex abuse case of ex-MSU Dr. Larry Nassar
  • MSU doctor resigned after removing Nassar patient files
  • Jessica Howard has an op-ed in the NYTimes : “Cracking Down on Abuse in U.S. Gymnastics”
  • Editorial: Still much work to do inside USAG
  • The Larry Nassar case should fuel serious discussion about how to stop sexual abuse
  • Critics say Steve Penny’s resignation not enough in wake of sex abuse allegations involving USA Gymnastics
  • Jessica Howard on USAGym Board meetings: “The meetings seemed to revolve around two things: money and medals.”
  • Women Claim Michigan State University Tried to Hide Dr. Larry Nassar’s Sexual Abuse of Athletes
  • MSU Abuse Scandal: Coach Had Gymnasts Sign Card for Dr. Larry Nassar 


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