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245: Steve Penny is GONE

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In the news, Spencer and Jessica chat about:

  • USA Gymnastics President has resigned after the USOC called for his ouster
    • Why this is not the time to move on because nothing has changed
    • Three things that still need to be done to prevent abuse at USA Gymnastics
    • USAG still going to do their own policing on non-sexual abuse misconduct and crimes. SafeSport only investigating sexual assaults. 
  • NCAA Conference Championships (13:59)
    • Regionals (38:30)
    • Skinner’s “snub”/character counts (35:15)
  • Stuttgart World Cup (42:30)
    • Results
    • Tabea Alt wins, layout to two feet BB mount
    • Eythora Thorsdottir’s  floor save
    • We almost start a Morgan Hurd podcast (47:32)
      • Watch Morgiboo’s beam dismount; double double FX with pointed toes and legs together!
  • Baku World Cup (54:55)
    • Results
    • The crazy lighting problems – what Shang Chunsong compete in the dark here
    • Diana Varinska single-handedly saves Ukrainian gymnastics with this UB
    • Oksana Chusovitina winning all the things because, Chuso
    • Catalina Ponor had a very Romanian  floor day
    • This is basically the Vasiliki Millousi BB code
  • Crack or Correct: The Most Controversial Scores from Baku, NCAA, Stuttgart (1:03:51):
    • Tabea Alt’s bar judges’ score vs. Eythora and Pauline Schaefer
    • Judges gave Maddie Stover a mathematically impossible beam score.


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include (1:10:42):

  • Oleg Stepko has gone to Ukraine for personal reasons
  • Interview with new Australian WAG National Coach, Mihai Brestyan
  • Geza Pozsar is working with Japanese gymnast Aiko Sugihara on her floor and beam routines
  • Ellie Downie is working a Cheng!
  • “This was the best decision for me and it’s a more positive environment too”Amy Tinkler on switching gyms
  • Average Human-Sized Gymnasts (AKA tall for gymnastics):
    • Leo Genders (Army) watch video of six-foot-one-inch-tall gymnast. 
    • 5’9″ gymnast Becky Rozsa of the SUU Flippin Birds
  • FEEDBACK (1:24:24):
    • Razor burn cure
    • Regular season champions are awesome!
    • Ireland: “I think basic safe guarding and child protection was one of the most valuable couple of hours I have ever put into my career as a coach”
    • Why no “good countries” at American Cup?


USA Gymnastics Sexual Abuse Investigation

  • NY TIMES “Ex-Gymnastics Chief’s Career: Swift Success Marred by Years of Scandal”
  • Nasser accused of performing vaginal acupuncture on MSU gymnast
  • A 20-year toll: 368 gymnasts allege sexual exploitation
  • 78 women or girls suing MSU and Nassar in federal court and a California state court. Five other lawsuits name Nassar and USA Gymnastics
  • “This is the first step of many that need to occur.” – Dominique Moceanu
  • Former gymnast Jeanette Antolin wants sponsors to pressure USA Gymnastics to make changes to combat sex abuse
  • FAQ: What to know about the sex abuse case of ex-MSU Dr. Larry Nassar
  • MSU doctor resigned after removing Nassar patient files
  • Jessica Howard has an op-ed in the NYTimes : “Cracking Down on Abuse in U.S. Gymnastics”
  • Editorial: Still much work to do inside USAG
  • The Larry Nassar case should fuel serious discussion about how to stop sexual abuse
  • Critics say Steve Penny’s resignation not enough in wake of sex abuse allegations involving USA Gymnastics
  • Jessica Howard on USAGym Board meetings: “The meetings seemed to revolve around two things: money and medals.”
  • Women Claim Michigan State University Tried to Hide Dr. Larry Nassar’s Sexual Abuse of Athletes
  • MSU Abuse Scandal: Coach Had Gymnasts Sign Card for Dr. Larry Nassar 


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7 years ago

where can we watch the Ukraine\’s girl routine?

7 years ago

I wish you had posted the links to all the NCAA things you mentioned.

7 years ago

HOLY CHRIST I CANNOT RECOMMEND BIKINI ZONE ENOUGH. You can just read (or watch gymnastics) in the time it takes to work and works great on sensitive skin.

7 years ago

Where can we find the Baku lighting videos?
The Romanian girl is Ana Maria Ocolisan.
The good lighting meet is Marseille I think.
Where is the bars routine from Ukraine for god sake thats important!!! lol I want to see it now, her name is Diana what?
Thank u!

Gina D.
Gina D.
7 years ago

Can anyone elaborate on what the South Durham Gymnastics Club posted on FB about Amy Tinkler? Jessica only hinted that it was unprofessional of them and that the post was taken down.

7 years ago

No no. PONORS weird bobble after her last pass on floor was like someone gave her a hard push into a pool, and PONOR fought with all her might to not fall in it!! lmao

6 years ago

I know I\’m nearly a year late here…. but I just felt you should know that when you asked what Cathy Rigby is known for I out loud, at work said, \”Peter Pan!\” And I feel like I might lose my gymnastic fan card for this. 🙂

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