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244: Russian Nationals & Gymnix 2017

gymnix aa champ maile o'keefe




In the news, Spencer, Lauren, and Jessica chat about:

  • Russian Championships 2017 (2:00)
  • Gym nix (22:16)
    • Why the gymternet is obsessed with the Italian juniors
    • Giorgia Villa of Italy has a few lovely bar combinations
    • Brooklyn Moors:  front tumbling dismount  
    •  Sunisa Lee‘s has big things planned on bars 
    • We loved all-around champ, Maile O’Keefe on beam
    • Gabby Perea taking the whole Legacy Elite thing seriously – bar routine, which won her the gold medal
    • Lauren compares Gymnix to the American Cup which had horrible fans
    • Photo Galleries of Gymnix on The
  • NCAA Recap (43:56)
    • Shake up in the bottom of the rankings
    • RSQ scores are getting critical
    • The Stanford Situation
    • Georgia beats Utah
    • Lauren Rice of Sacramento State doesn’t take herself too seriously, but entertainment she does.
    • Ashley Lambert of Nebraska came back from a broken neck and all the surgeries to do this floor routine.
    • Hall of 10’s : Ohashi; Here’s Kaytianna McMillan‘s 10.0; Stacie Webb BB 10 of Southern Utah, Flippin Birds
    • Crack or Correct: Peng’s 9.925 on beam, all the senior night 9.975s, Cami Drouin-Allaire v. Angi Cipra


Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include (1:11:55):

  • Secrets to maintaining a perfect bikini line during gymnastics season (1:04:21). 
  • Louis Smith’s agent sent to jail
  • Anastasia Grishina’s family stole all of her money and she is now homeless. 
  • USA Gymnastics Sexual Abuse Investigation (1:20:05)
    • The U.S. Olympic Committee is likely to call for the resignation of USA Gymnastics President Steve Penny
    • Sexual abuse attorney “demands” USOC de-certify USA Gymnastics
    • USOC has take over National Governing Bodies many times for drugs and financial problems, but only once, that we could find, for sexual abuse.
    • The USOC is not without blame: In 1999 USAG President Collarasi wrote a letter telling the USOC about sex abuse problems long before the USOC took action
    • Two  Senators want answers from USOC on sex abuse policies and procedures for a lot of sports, including gymnastics
    • Six Months Later, Michigan State Notifies Female Athletes About Its Sexual Assault Scandal – WHERE IS THE LETTER FROM USAG TO ITS ATHLETES?!?
    • Tony Retrosi of Gym Momentum letter 
    • Could this be in USAG official’s future: Penn State Ex-Officials Plead Guilty to Child Endangerment in Sandusky Case
    • What you can do:
      • LEGISLATION: Senator Diane Feinstein introduced her bill (S534), read the text of the bill here and her press release here.
      • Call your representative (find them here) to thank or tell them to pass this bill!
      • If you are a USAG member:
        • Ask to be interviewed for their review
        • Call for a vote of no confidence
        • Run for a position when elections come up


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7 years ago

I am Italian and I\’m so happy to hear you liked our little juniors!! They are really talented and there\’s a whole program called \”Road to Tokyo 2020\” to prepare them and upgrade difficulties going towards becoming seniors. They\’re already better than some of our seniors, especially on vault, since only a couple seniors had DTYs last year. There are about 10 very talented juniors on this program and I really hope that the preparation goes smoothly until 2020 (one of them is Martina Basile, Junior European AA bronze medalist/Vault silver medalist in 2016).

Canadian Gym Reporter
Canadian Gym Reporter
7 years ago

Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead. Or in other words: Steve Penny has resigned.

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