199: Euros, Classics and the U.S. ManChampionships

Jun 7, 2016 | GymCastic, Podcast

Giulia Steingruber is the 2016 European Champion

This week’s episode is proudly presented by new Club Gym Nerd member, Saul, who joined at the Episode Dedication level. Saul dedicated this episode to Natalia Frolova’s 1986 floor routine. This Soviet great does one of his  favorite old school routines; he watches it from time-to-time and not enough people know about her amazingness!  We couldn’t agree more. Thank you for supporting the show and spending the Frolova, Saul!



In the news, Uncle Tim, Lauren, and Jessica chat about:

  • US Classic (2:36) videos
    • Who competed AA, who chose to show up just for podium training and why (read our article on rules changes)
    • Gabby’s new floor routine, her opinions of the Zika threat, and new bar skill and technique
    • Bailie Key Watch
    • Laurie Hernandez vs. Ragan Smith vs. Alyssa Bauman vs. Swaggie Maggie
    • Bars duel, Ashton Locklear vs. Madison Kocian
    • Our top three moments from the junior meet (32:40)
    • The insanity of Aly Raisman scoring higher than Jordan Chiles on vault. 
    • Best moments from the NBC broadcast. Yes, we said best, as in we liked some things.
  • European Championships (55:45) routines 
    • Giulia Steingruber has improved her performance quality so much, but her head position on vault is still scary. 
    • Aliya Mustafina’s controversial non-acro series on beam, and the Russian team dominated.
    • Ponor’s comeback was glorious and why she should have place higher on beam
    • Why Lauren is obsessed with the Czech juniors, like Vendula Měrková doing an Onodi to an Illusion at Bohemians Club
    • The Russian men killed it, Ukraine crashed, and Nile won high bar with this absolute beauty. (1:18:42)
  • U.S. Men’s National Championships (1:47:22) videos
    • Danell Leyva’s second round of dog bites, stolen medals and new towel. 
    • The amazingness of Chris Brooks
    • Marvin Kimble’s celebration for the history books.
    • Paul Ruggeri – a 16.000 on high bar and finishing in the top 3 on 3 events!
    • Olympic Team Strategy: We are with Spencer, screw pommel horse and maximize the other events!


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