95: WAG European Championships Part Two — Lesser Known Stars and a Behind The Scenes Report

May 25, 2014 | GymCastic, Meets, Podcast


In the News

Blythe and Jessica talk to Emma Bailey direct from the hallway of her hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria at the Women’s European Championships about:

  • The great Soviet Pink Panther routine by  Elena Shevchenko (USSR) vs. the new Pink Panther performed by Marta Pihan-Kulesza (POL).
  • The red carpet, the banquet dances, and other cool stuff the organizers did.
  • Could Sandra Izbasa return for Rio?
  • Diana Bulimar, the unsung hero and backbone of the Romanian team.
  • A Danish gymnastics club gets to train on all of the equipment from World Championships.
  • Teams on the rise and lesser known fan favorites; Noemi Makra (HUN), Claire Martin (FRA), Emma Larson (SWE), Gaelle Mys (BEL), Lisa Top (NED)
  • Emma gives her impression of the once-great Ukrainian program.
  • Are there too many World Cups schedule, without sufficient time to rest before the European Championships?
  • And finally, high bar Olympic medalist Krasimir Dunev , one of the organizers of Euros, proves he is freakin’ cool as hell.

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