70: The 2014 NCAA Season Has Begun!

Jan 15, 2014 | GymCastic, Podcast


Cal backless white leos

The California Golden Bears at the famed, University of California Berkeley, strut their stuff in new backless leos on opening weekend.


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In the News

Uncle Tim, Evan Heiter, and Jessica chat about these news items:

  • Sarah Finnegan returns to competition with some new skills.
  • The American Cup roster is off the charts amazing but will the media degrade it into a rehashing of Ferlito-Gate?
  • Uncle Tim and Evan take a quiz on NCAA rules to answer frequently asked questions from our newbie fans.
  • Will delve deep into the Minnesota, LSU, Florida, UCLA, Arkansas, Georgia and Oklahoma meets including:
    • Danusia Francis competing the first ever longitudinal aerial to full dismount and her floor routine, that literally made boys fall out of their seats.
    • Georgia’s new choreographer, Bulldog alum Cassidy McComb of GymCats.
    • Has the floor finals bar been set by Lindsey Mabel’s exquisite execution or Kytra Hunter’s jaw-dropping tumbling?
    • WIll Bridgeport be the first Division II team to beat a Division I team?
    • Oklahoma’s ginormous team score and difficulty.


As always we discuss the latest stories from around the gymternet:

  • Gymnasts at the Golden Globes
  • Louis Smith comes back to elite gymnastics
  • Shawn Johnson launches The Body Department
  • Beth Tweddle’s next skating show
  • The Gabby Douglas story already has an air date

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