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GymCastic’s Top 10 Episodes of 2018

2018 has been quite the year for the gymnastics community. From Simone’s triumphant return to U.S. training camps being streamed to powerful victim impact statements to USAGym’s consistent ineptitude, we have covered the major stories of 2018.

If you have missed any episodes, we hope that this list gives you a chance to catch up.

10. 382: The US Worlds Team & CEO Dumpster Fire

The resignation of ultra-short-term CEO Mary Bono, discussion of the U.S. selection camp for the World Championships, and a recap of the Youth Olympic Games.

9. 310: Suspension and Sabotage

Alex Naddour’s suspension (he was later reinstated), sabotage at the Brazilian Nationals, a recap of the Junior Pan Ams and the Guimaraes World Cup, plus the full audio recording of Kerry Perry’s speech at the Region 4 Congress.

8. 288: Ding Dong The Ranch Is Dead

A recap of the powerful and moving victim impact statements at the Nassar trial, the news about the closure of the Ranch, some NCAA meet highlights, and we wonder whether decertification is an option. (We recorded this episode in January–many months before the USOC moved to decertify USAGym.)

7. 293: EXCLUSIVE Inside Elite Verification

Jessica went to LSU for elite verification in February and reported back on the gymnastics highlights, the atmosphere, what parents thought of the changes being made at USAGym, and more.

6. 315: The Simone Is Back Classic

We recap the U.S. Classic! Plus, we discuss Kerry Perry’s appearance before Congress.

5. 322: Mary Lee Tracy Truth & Reconciliation

Mary Lee Tracy was named USA Gymnastics Developmental Coordinator. A few days later, she was forced to resign. Jessica, Miss Val, and MLT sit down and chat.

4. 287: Simone and Maggie Too

In addition to recapping the second week of NCAA, Jessica and Spencer talk about Simone’s and Maggie’s decisions to come forward as survivors. Plus, Marcia Frederick came forward about being abused by her coach.

3. 318: 2018 U.S. Wonder Woman Nationals

A recap of the 2018 U.S. Nationals. It includes a lot of swooning and a lot of rage.

2. 301: Peng Gets a 20, Martha Gets a Zero

We recap the 2018 NCAA WGYM Championships. Then, we discuss the hour-long Dateline with McKayla Maroney and the Karolyis.

1. 319: Aly and Lynn Raisman

On August 19th, the morning before the women’s final at US Championships, Jessica had the opportunity to visit the amazing Raisman vegetable garden and spend the morning with Aly and Lynn Raisman, speaking about…well…everything.

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