301: Peng Gets a 20, Martha Gets a Zero

Apr 24, 2018 | GymCastic, Podcast




  • Live Show with Kennedy Baker and our overall impressions of the weekend (3:58)
  • UCLA wins its 7th national title in remarkable upset fashion! (Super Six 13:19)
    • Peng. Peng Peng Peng Peng Peng. Peng.
    • Oklahoma finishes less than a single deduction behind UCLA. It’s the Gutsu/Miller of our time. 
    • We break down the small, tiny, minuscule, infinitesimal differences that decided the title
    • Jessica and Spencer argue over how to count to 4. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.
    • Most exciting Super Six EVAH?
  • BYES ARE OVER. Why this was the best possible advertisement for a four-team final, and why it’s going to get even harder next year.
  • Important Moments about Feelings with Jessica (28:56)
    • Cereal gobbling, romance, wedgies, hot dads, crying, car accidents, positivity, red pants, hype planes, chariots, dino buns, Disney World, EEEEEEEEEEEEE…you know how it goes
  • Probably too much discussion of coach fashion and hot random staff members (just kidding) (it’s never too much) (Suzanne’s heels, you guys)
  • Special New Segment: Crack or Crack? The answer is Crack.  
  • Why Ebee transcends teams and stole the show in the semifinal for multiple standing ovations and Jessica tears (Semifinals 52:29)
  • Just Maggie Nichols things
  • Alabama misses Super Six for the first time since 2007, without counting a fall
  • Cursed floor mats and lights flickering (1:24:50)
  • Spencer has a random complaint about the rules. We’re all shocked. 


  • WSJ published a chronology of the sexual abuse of McKayla Maroney
  • The hour-long Dateline with Maroney and the Karolyis. We have some……notes.
    • Was it too charitable to the Karolyis?
    • Is over-focusing on the Karolyis missing the point and diverting attention?
    • NBC fails to acknowledge its own role in perpetuating the Karolyi system
    • Martha doesn’t think the gymnasts were afraid of her, was never verbally abusive, and never called them fat.
      • Mmmmmm. Mmmhmmm. Sure. We believe you.
      • Except we don’t. Here are the receipts.
    • “I don’t see any other way.” Let us show you. 
    • Maroney calls out the “silent abuse,” the “torture camp,” and the system of fear and punishment that opened the door for grooming behavior 
    • We ask: Why isn’t anyone investigating AOGC?
    • “You knew what I ate, you knew what I wore, you controlled what I said—how could you not know?”
    • Gina Nichols staring angrily out a window is our spirit animal
    • More trouble with Fran, a.k.a. Some Random Lady. Aly has the texts.
    • Double double on bars, double double on beam, SHAP HALF, Moors, TTY. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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