298: Geddert and Karolyis Rage-O-Meter Special

Apr 3, 2018 | GymCastic, Podcast




  • A CNN investigation into John Geddert spoke with seven gymnasts/families about their experiences with him, and it wasn’t pretty
    • Physical abuse, verbal abuse, suicide attempts
    • Police complaints dating back to 1986
    • A letter to USAG in 2013 detailing the problems
    • Steve Penny KNEW and chose to do nothing. Because publicity.
  • CNN also has the May 2017 Karolyi depositions. They aren’t pretty either.
    • Apparently the Karolyis had very little to do with the ranch and barely ever met or talked to Larry Nassar. Huh?
    • It was all USAG’s and Kathy Kelly’s fault
    • “I wanted them to be safe, but…”
  • Nassar’s boss, William Strampel, has been arrested for insane 1970s sexual misconduct. That’s the official charge. 
  • Those two MSU trainers who were informed about Nassar and did nothing still work there 
  • MSU spent $500K in January monitoring social media accounts of Nassar survivors and journalists. We definitely can’t think of a better use for that money
  • USAG Athlete Assistance Fund application and the Saving Our Survivors Fund

And in actual gymnastics developments: (1:05:38)

  • The drama over the English Commonwealth Games team deepens
  • Cuba is in the Pacific now, and we’re all for it
  • Giulia Steingruber is playing around with a Yurchenko double back

MEET NEWS (49:08)

  • We break down the key storylines to watch at this Saturday’s NCAA regionals and rage about the scheduling and individual qualification rules, as per usual
  • Professor O’Beirne, PhD brings us a history lesson on the origins of the Commonwealth Games, and we get excited about Wales and dragons. 

FEEDBACK (1:11:13)

  • Why can’t women do NCAA and elite at the same time?
  • Primary source material about the sound in the Georgia Dome
  • When a floor routine might also be a tornado warning
  • A long-time brevet judge on how we can fix NCAA (and USAG) judging
  • 2-hour awards ceremonies (WHATTTT??) and plans for a parent revolt!

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