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295: Elvire Teza & Cecile Canqueteau-Landi



Get excited. This week, Jessica had the pleasure of chatting with legendary daredevil beam queen and two-time Olympian Elvire Teza and her partner in French greatness, Cecile Canqueteau-Landi, 1996 Olympian and coach of 2016 Olympic gold medalist for team USA, 2015 bars world champ, Madison Kocian and—now—Simone Biles!

  • How training has changed from the 80’s and 90’s.
  • Being part of the French superstar era of firsts with Isabelle Severino, Ludvine Furnon and Eloidie Lussac.
  • Stereotypes of French training vs. American training: cigarettes, boyfriends, wine, baguettes, artistry, etc.
  • Adriana Pop and Laurent Landi bringing the makeup to the French-style performance game.
  • How Teza learned her crazy eponymous skills and dealing with her constant fear.
  • Why Cecile chooses to stay in the United States for the “more rewarding” gymnastics, especially NCAA and level 10s.
  • What they think of the current Code of Points  and how they’d do under todays code.
  • What it’s like coaching Simone Biles and which crazy skills we can convince Simone to do.
  • The 1996 Olympic Games in the loud Georgia dome, AKA the butter-smell arena.
  • How to avoid burnout the French way: All the naughty things they did to get a break from their grueling schedules.
  • Why Cecile and Laurent took a long break after Rio.

Required Viewing

Cecile Canqueteau-Landi floor 1996 Olympics, and beam from 1998 featuring “tusk mount” jump half-turn to handstand from side

Elvire Teza fluff from 1998 American Cup, floor 1996,  beam 1997, bars 2000

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