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Our weekly roundup of the latest news stories from around the gymternet include:

  • Victim Impact Statements and why everyone should go to USAG meets dressed as Judge Rosemarie Aquilina.
    • Mattie Larson made a big impact talking about how USAG created an abusive environment.  McKenzie Wofford backed her up. 
    • Rachael Denhollander gave a speech to go down in the history books, “What Is A Little Girl Worth?” Who should play her in the Oscar-winning movie?
    • We explain why Judge Aquilina was legally allowed to be partial so everyone can calm down.
  • USOC cracking down…now…suddenly. We have feelings. 
    • Why the Daniels Report wasn’t enough.
    • Aly Raisman hit the USOC back with her own demands for an independent investigation.
    • We want a Truth and Reconciliation hearing with Valeri Liukin.
  • Congress passed Senate Bill 534 Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act. Next step is Trump’s signature. 
    • These three voted against the bill. Feel free to vote them out of office:
          • Justin Amash, Michigan’s 3rd congressional district
          • Thomas Massie, Kentucky’s 4th congressional district
          • Mark Sanford, South Carolina’s 1st congressional district
  • John Geddart of Twistars was suspended, then hilariously announced he is going to retire.
    • He moved the gym into his wife’s name, if/when he is banned by USAG, he will have to be entirely unaffiliated with the gym if the gym wants to retain its membership.
    • Jessica called the police on him and it didn’t go well.
  • MSU
    • Lou Anna Simon resigned. Still no one fired at MSU except for Nassar.
    • MSU produced two different Title IX investigation reports. The the version not given to the victim said Nassar was “exposing patients to unnecessary trauma…”
    • Joel Ferguson, a trustee and vice-chair of the MSU board, has not stepped down. Instead he supported Simon: “There’s so many more things going on at the university than just this Nassar thing.”
  • Miss Val on radio last week said, ex-USAG President, Steve Penny, told her he let Marta get away with being abusive because she won.

NCAA RECAP! (1:24:43)

  • The week of CRACK!
    • Even Kathy Johnson had to take to Twitter to complain!
    • The judges gave Alex McMurtry’s upgraded DTY, doesn’t stick, a 10
    • The judges gave OU’s beam rotation 9.9s, even Bre Showers 
    • Florida needed 9.925 to win, judges gave it to Baumann
    • Maggie Nichols didn’t get a 10 on vault, Kennedy Baker no 10 on floor
    • Stanford/Oregon State bars scoring was ridiculous
    • UCLA beat LSU at Metroplex with 197.625


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6 years ago

It is a violation of the Title 9 federal law to not give the same information to the complainant in the report. Several people at MSU should have face prosecution for this behavior.

6 years ago

If you\’re interested in the thoughts of some defense laywers on why some of Aquilina\’s comments were, in their view, not really ok, the folks at the Getting Off podcast, which does detailed analysis of various court cases, took on Nassar this week. You can tell they\’re not gymfans, but their commentary on the court proceeding is insightful. The Nassar story is four parts; part three is the one where they discuss Aqulina\’s demeanor and comments from the bench, and I\’ll include the link to it.

6 years ago
Reply to  SPD

To be clear, I loved that she gave all the survivors the space they needed to speak, and, in the process of speaking, to become an empowered community. And that was appropriate–it was part of Nassar\’s plea agreement that this would be allowed to happen.

Her comments about allowing people to rape Nassar, her \”death warrant\” comment, and a couple of other moments, are primarily what they\’re talking about, and they consider these things pretty serious breaches of judicial demeanor and ethics. It\’s a really good listen, as the podcast generally is.

Elizabeth Booth
Elizabeth Booth
6 years ago
Reply to  SPD

Thanks for this, I will listen. I am from the UK where law courts work very differently- I was shocked at the almost theatrical nature of the testimonies – and I do think enough is enough, Nassar has been sentenced to life in prison, when do we stop? When does our behaviour towards him become abusive? Isn’t prison and the legal system about rehabilitation of offenders, less than punishment. The man clearly has a personality disorder and needs treatment.
Allow the women their voices if they want to feel better. The testimonies have helped the wider public to understand what abuse is and its effects. But using those testimonies to punish Nassar endlessly is wrong. Look at the bigger picture – it took 156 awesome women to take down one awful man. How can we use this to prevent further abuse in the future? How can gymnastics lead the way with this? It should not be necessary for these women to have to spill their guts in a public court and there will be many who would rather die than do so. This is not just about gymnastics and not at all about the drama of it all, it is something about society that we need to learn from. Now USAG, MSU and USOC should be subject to review. Sackings are headlines and maybe satisfy our need for blame, but the problem is systemic, root and branch, and real change is needed, but it is bigger than that. Gymnastics will be destroyed unless we begin to look beyond our own narrow eyeline … but this is bigger than Nassar and gymnastics – much bigger.

Laura A.
Laura A.
6 years ago

LOVE that you called CPS and Michigan Police! LOVE YOU! LOVE SPENCER! LOVE THE SHOW!

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