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Olympic Trials Party and Postmortem



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  • The Olympic team has been named
    • The 4th spot: Why “going by the scores” and “going by the all-around standings” are NOT the same thing
    • The misunderstanding about the actual problem with Martha’s way of doing things
    • We make the arguments for both MyKayla Skinner and Grace McCallum for the Olympic team
    • Why Tom Forster’s explanation didn’t help, and why the athletes didn’t actually “select themselves”
      • Olympic Trials — “Even though the computer tells us MyKayla on the team would be a couple of tenths higher, we’re so so fortunate that our athletes are so strong that I don’t think it’s going to come down to tenths of a point in Tokyo. We didn’t feel like it was worth changing the integrity of the process simply for a couple of tenths.” – Tom Forster
      • US Championships, Jessica asked, “Regarding the two team positions that will be selected, is it going to be closer to the 3-up-3 count highest score potential or just the top four all-around?”
        • “Erm, well no, it will be.. you know the job is to put forth the strongest team that we believe can hit 3-up-3 count. And so, by rule, the top two all-rounders will be automatically on the team. And then Pro Score has a whole query system that shows us every possible scenario of team formation to get the highest score. So, we’ll look at that to try to determine how to complete the team.”
    • The blatant self-sabotage that is the US women’s use of the +1 spot
    • Justice for Shilese Jones and Riley McCusker! Why did the women not select a 5th alternate?
    • TIME Magazine enters the Hall of Shame
    • A RAGE-O-METER that we swear we didn’t write ourselves
  • The Actual Competition for a Second

    • Sunisa Lee outscored Simone on day 2. We gush about her everything, with a reminder about gymnastics goldfish memories
    • Jordan Chiles is the most consistent gymnast in the United States
    • Sparing a thought for Leanne Wong’s very important floor routine
    • Who do we think got Senoh-bars-ed off the Olympic team?
    • And update on Emily Lee, as well as Jade Carey’s Olympic plans
  • The Men’s Team

    • We…agree with it? Good work, men’s team.
    • What went into the selection of Alec Yoder for the +1
    • The case for selecting Alex Diab
    • Comparing the men’s selection process with the women’s and what the women’s program could learn from the men’s




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