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Paris Olympic Qualifier: Cairo World Cup Preview


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 Elite News Updates

  • The Winter Cup roster is out, and Gabby Douglas is on it! We spend a while basking in the glory of that and discuss other headliners like Trinity Thomas and Jordan Chiles and late entry as Jessica teased Suni Lee (added after we recorded)
  • How to Make the Olympics: Event Specialist Edition. The apparatus world cup series is kicking off in Cairo. We walk through how gymnasts qualify to the Olympics and profile some of the major contenders for qualification

College Season—Week 6

  • Jessica Hutchinson tied the Denver all-around record, Oklahoma scored 198.450, and the scoring finally (FINALLY) broke Jessica
  • Spencer’s Bracketology Update: What would happen if the season ended today, who would be in a good position, and who would really, really, really like the rankings to change?
  • It was a great week for comedy, from the Florida floor rotation, to Maddie Williams’ fetal wolf turn, to a woman literally hitting herself in the head with the scores
  • Plus, an injury/resting update, an Arizona gymnast at the Super Bowl, the Paris medals, the gymternet news, and your feedback about fall deductions, Emma Malabuyo’s travel schedule, and an assignment for the week involving beat jumps

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Lisa Arrington
Gym Nerd
4 months ago

Love It!

Lisa Arrington
Gym Nerd
4 months ago

What happened with Mclain?

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