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Winter Cup 2024 featuring Suni Lee

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Winter Cup 2024

It happened! Check out podium training podcast here and the photos here. We discuss:

    • While everyone else was competing at Winter Cup, Kayla DiCello was competing at Olympic Trials
    • What Suni had to say about her performance after the meet, and what this means for her Baku World Cup chances
    • What missing this meet means for Gabby Douglas and her road to an Olympic team
    • Trinity Thomas hit four for four and got her championships qualifying score
    • Plus, all the most Winter Cuppiest moments—and also some highlights
    • An update from Cottbus, the second of four apparatus qualifiers for the Olympics, including the current Chuso alert level, the latest Kaylia Nemour upgrade, Zhang Yihan new skill (clear hip layout tkatchev) and who’s leading in points.


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Gym Nerd
3 months ago

This was my first elite meet and my husband came with me. I absolutely loved it!! Jessica, I looked for you after the meet but couldn’t find you. I will be at championships with my daughter so hopefully I can meet you there.

3 months ago
Reply to  Mamallama

Yes, please say hello!

Gym Nerd
3 months ago

If Suni had started her routine over and made her skill would she have gotten credit for getting it named after her?

Jennifer Stamm
Gym Nerd
3 months ago

Jessica, I had my binoculars at the meet and got so excited when I spotted you! I brought a friend with me to watch the meet. She is a future gym nerd in the making. Love the podcast! I’ve been listening for many years.

Last edited 3 months ago by Jennifer Stamm
3 months ago
Reply to  Jennifer Stamm

Thank you!

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